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    Aside from the USB issues highlighted by others in the troubleshooting thread Iwould like to request some improvements to the saving of presets

    1) Display a confirmation when saving is completed. e.g. screen flashes with “Saved to USB” or “saved to button x” for 5 seconds. Currently just reverts to the home screen.
    2) when saving to USB allow option to choose overwrite existing file
    3) option to delete preset from USB drive via ME-1
    4) When saving to a new file name set that as the last recalled preset so that subsequent savings do not have to reenter the name every time. (currently If a user loads a preset from USB (preset 1) then saves it as a new name (preset 2) the unit will still have preset 1 as the last preset so subsequent saves will default save to preset 1

    Other improvements would be the option to password lock menu functions to prevent the talent from messing with settings such as key preset mode etc.

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