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    Is it possible to import just a few scenes in an existing show?

    If i’m the system engineer at a bigger event where i have Front EQ and Delay Systems as well as Monitoring Setup made on the GLD. Now there will be a sound engineer of a band who has already wrote a show for his band.. what would be the easiest way to import his show-scenes into my Event-Show?
    The only way that i know how it would work is, that i import his show to the GLD, change on his show the Master-Settings like FOH EQ, Delays, Monitoring EQ by copy my settings from my show into his show-file!
    That could take a few minutes if you have a complex setup! It would be cool to have something like an import-manager for the offline editor. So i could export my event-showfile on my computer, import the show of the other engineer and choose which parameters i will have overtaken! (If it is possible to do that at the console would be nice as well!)

    P.S. Same for the Qu-16! (But not as important as for the GLD due the less Channelcount)

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    I believe this isn’t possible currently but would be a massive feature request from us. We have 2 GLDs in our church and I don’t really want operators loading show files, but would like them to be able to setup scenes in the editor or on other desks.

    Perhaps you should move this to the feature request forum.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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