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    Ok, here’s the story. We’ve had our iLive176 behaving very oddly at some shows. It first happened 2 years ago at a 3-day festival near the end of day 3. I was on stage preparing for the headliner to come on and my lighting tech came on over the talk back with the words “you better get down here, the board is doing something funny”. I went to take a look and every fader was randomly moving up and down, ALL of the channel LCD’s were a scrambled mess, all the other LEDs were flickering randomly and the touch screen was also flashing like crazy. We powered down and booted up to the board doing the same thing. I told my lighting guy to call our boss as I went back up to continue setting the band up. My boss came with the T112 surface, we swapped it out and got it all setup and rocked the show only 15minutes behind schedule.
    We brought the board back, set it up, tested it but could not replicate the problem. Thought maybe it boiled down to temperature, as it was a very hot weekend. I used the surface 3/4 of a year later successfully at an indoor festival and it performed very well. A couple months later, at another indoor event, my boss and i brought it out with our R72 as back up, just in case, and it ran fine the day of setup and all of the next day through soundcheck. About 3 hours before the gig though, it ended up failing. Again, faders flying everywhere, LCD screens scrambled, and touchscreen flickering like crazy. We powered it down and back up and it was fine, however, we set up our R72, copied the show file to it, moved the CAT5 to it and ran the show with it instead. We left the 176 powered on to see if it would fail again, but it was rock solid the rest of the night.
    Fast forward to now and we don’t trust the thing at all but cannot seem to get it to replicate the problems we have been having. We’ve had it running in our storage facility for months now just waiting for the day that it fails so we can record the error. Sucks to have such an expensive piece of equipment almost reduced to a paperweight.
    Any ideas from anyone? anyone else experience these issues?

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    Mark Oakley

    I’ve experienced a similar thing on both my T-112 and T-80, but it could be from a different cause than yours. Only a technician that knows the insides could troubleshoot it. In the case of the T-80, my tech took apart all the ribbon & Ethernet connectors, cleaned them, then put them back together. He then tried to replicate the problem for 2 1/2 months, and it behaved perfectly. I’ve had it out on a few shows so far and it’s been fine. Maybe it’s time to check, clean and re-seat all the internal connections?

    -thanks, Mark

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