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    I folks.
    Does anyone try to replace the original CF card for a faster one ? (like an 16Gb UDMA7 @ 120 mb/s)
    I looking to speed up the boot time, because i’ll be on tour with it for the next 2 years.
    By the way, if you have an UPS who’s stairing at you in the darkness of your garage, i’ll be interested. (In Europe, France)

    Thanks and keep rockin your mixes !

    Cheers !

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    Not sure what your system setup is, but I’ve discovered over the years as we have expanded our system we have had the fastest boot times with a single mix rack and small show files.
    Now we run a dual rack(master/slave), Dante network for MEU and recording/playback, it takes almost 4 minutes to boot the surface, even though the racks are up and processing in less than 1 minute.
    We did the UPS system for the surface and master rack, it does keep the surface up during a power outage event, but even when the power comes back on, (or us anyway) it still takes 2-3 minutes to re-establish lock links to the slave rack. So it didn’t gain us much, other than power spike protection…. which is still a good thing.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    My setup is Ilive T112 + iDR48.
    I Ask that because i’m gonna do lots of linecheck. We have big distance between gigs. It’s just to reduce installation time on the arrival.
    Thanks for the powerspike tip.

    Anyway, if someone tries the speed up thing. Let me know.


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    How would you go about loading the software onto the new CF card as my card has lost its software, screen says “operating system not found”

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    Hello, did you tried to use a clone program like Clonezilla to copy the Operational System? I want an image of the CF Card for iLive T112. If you have on we could talk.

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    How do you remove the cf card? I can’t pull mine out no matter how hard I try.

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