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    Hey all, I came to this forum looking for info about my failing or failed iLives. I put in a lot of time. I just got some excellent support from A&H Uk and especially A&H support here in the US. I have learned so much. It seems like there is a lot of folks with questions about these SBC screen computers that allow us to interface with the onboard screen and control various other aspects. As best I can tell, there’s some info that is confusing because of all the different types of SBCs used during the production years.

    From what I get, here is what you need to know about fixing your dead iLives (if the board works but the screen doesn’t, and you’ve determined that it is the SBC that has died or lost it’s mind due to the battery dropping so low). If after battery is/was replaced, and correct BIOS settings have been applied (possibly by an outboard VGA screen and USB keyboard, and entering password which is “digital”), if your iLive still doesn’t have a screen your SBC may be dead – that’s up to you to determine.

    If you need a new one, A&H is STILL offering a replacement SBC OR SBC kit. You will need to determine what SBC OR SBC kit you need by the following info. Note that there is only ONE replacement part(s) so these parts are the replacement for any of the various SBCs used, and all based on that sole Advantech 2GB model.

    There were 4 SBC’s used in the iLive range.
    >The 1GB flash memory Axiomtek was used in the first series of modular iLives (S series)
    >The 1.5GB flash memory was used on the Axiomtek SBC and this was the first T series run. THIS is the SBC that has the soldered in battery :(. THIS SBC and console has the additional small 1″ by 3″ or so circuit board on each side of the Screen (the old model).
    >The 2Gb flash memory Fujitsu SBC was next and never in the S series consoles nor R72. This does have the replaceable battery
    >The last production run (if I understand that right) is the Advantech 2GB flash memory SBC, and is the one STILL available.

    If you need a new SBC, you need to know which one you need because you may need the additional wiring kit that goes with that particular console, and comes with those particular SBCs.

    If you have an iLive that has the newest 2GB Advantech SBC in it, then you need just a direct swap unit. This part does NOT have any additional wiring, it’s a direct swap only.

    That part is the AH-004-096X Advantech 2GB ONLY.

    To determine what SBC kit you need for the 1.5GB Axiomtek units or 2GB Fujitsu units here’s how you know:
    With the console back panel off, if you have an older iLive with the small PCBs on each side of the screen, then that is an older LCD screen and the replacement SBC KIT is:

    AH-004-477JIT (Advantech 2Gb SBC includes wiring kit or adapters).

    If you don’t have the PCBs beside each side of the screen then you have a newer LED screen. That part number is:

    AH-004-478JIT (Advantech 2GB SBC includes wiring kit or adapters).

    Of course one should be diligent and cross check with the dealer, but I’m pretty sure this is accurate. You can also get this from Full Compass but make sure you give them the correct part number or you might get the swapout 096 model only with no wiring.

    The support I received from A&H this week cements that my next board will be a D-Live. I haven’t used one but my partner has, and he said it was awesome and I’ve only heard great things about it.
    Yours Truly – Deafsoundguy

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    Cheers Bud

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    Great information, and thank you!
    Just yesterday, I booted my T112 and sure enough, the white touch screen of death!
    I removed the side and back panel, and found that I have the Fujitsu SBC.
    I went ahead and replaced the CR2032 battery.
    I rebooted the T112, and still have the white screen.
    Do you know if there is a procedure using a keyboard and display attached, that I can try and get the touch screen back to normal operation? My surface has been out on maybe 30 shows in its lifetime. I know its an aged unit, but the use factor is really low.
    Appreciate any comments.


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    There is! I have done this recently with my T-80.

    Plug a external monitor and keyboard into the back, then power the iLive on

    Hold down the ‘delete’ key while the system is powered ON; this should prompt the SBC’s BIOS pages*

    Select the Standard CMOS Features menu


    Set DRIVE A to: NONE



    Next, select the Advanced Chipset Features menu


    Set: AGP + P2P Bridge Control


    Select, Display Device [CRT + LCD] Panel Type


    set: 800×600 18 bit

    Press: ESC

    Press: ESC

    Next, select the Supervisor Password menu


    Type: Digital

    Confirm password: Digital

    PRESS: F10


    Re-power the Control Surface to ensure settings remain in place each time the system boots

    NOTE: IF system prompts entry for the BIOS, type: ‘digital’ and press: enter

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    For the life of me, I cannot find the push button connected to the front panel connector on the SBC (Fujitsu). I have searched everywhere.

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    I’m sorry but I have no idea what you are talking about…. did you ever get your iLive fixed? I checked on the box to give me notice if this thread was replied to, but never got a notice, hence the late reply.

    Your comment that it has such low hours, well that’s part of the problem. Since it’s not getting plugged in, it has to draw SBC power from the battery, which shortens the life of the battery. If it used everyday, then the battery is bypassed and the SBC can remain good for quite a long time. If you just rarely use the console, then the battery will die a slow agonizing death, and possibly your onboard OS unfortunately.

    I just recently got 2 NEW SBC units to revive my dead screen iLives. I haven’t done the surgery yet, but will update when I do. My experience from the 5 ilives I have is that the Fujitsu models die a worse death than the older SBC’s, and possibly took the OS with it. Kind of hard to tell because there’s really no way to test the integrated flash memory OP. And there’s no way to buy that part. They don’t sell it, and, there’s no part number for it.

    Moral of the story here is if your flash memory card installed on your SBC dies, then even if your SBC itself was still good and revivable, you’s still be up sh*t crick because the OP is corrupted/erased and you can’t get another…. So then you are forced to buy a new unit to keep your iLIve going.

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