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    It seems that the Onemix app for iLive is only available for later generations of ios, I think it’s 14+.
    We are considering doing away with stage monitors and running in ears. Unfortunately none of us have a suitable iPad. The band are reluctant to upgrade their iPads so that they all can access Onemix.
    My question is, does Onemix support multiple users on one iPad? If so, will the different users access a different aux send automatically when they log in?

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    Mark Oakley

    Hi 1972:

    My iPad is an iPad 1 with IOS 5.1.1. I downloaded and installed iLive Onemix back in 2015 and the version available at that time works perfectly on my iPad 1. I often work with musicians on IEM’s and it makes my job much easier if they can dial in their own mixes. Some have i-Pads with Onemix installed, but for those that don’t…

    About a year ago I bought 5 iPad 1’s from ebay (with chargers) for $125.00. I backed my iPad up to the cloud, then downloaded it to the recently purchased iPads. Effectively they are all clones of my iPad. The old version of Onemix is now on each of these pads and they work fine. I also built a case for them with a 10-port USB charger and space for mic stand clamps (see attached pictures).

    What kind of iPad do you have and what version IOS is running on it?


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    That’s a great looking box.

    It’s an ipad air with ios 12. I also have a few ipad 3’s with ios 9. All are at their maximum ios numbers. The version of Onemix on the Apple Store is only for ios 14 and above. If it was possible to get the older version that would be great.

    I’ve been in touch with the Mixing Station developer and the beta version of Mixing Station for iLive is due out in the next few weeks, so that is another option.

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