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    Hello everyone!

    I’m new to the forum, so apologies if there’s already been a thread about this or similar postings to what I’m asking here.

    I’ll be running an MT show in a few weeks’ time and I’d like to know how to send my main LR bus over a Dante card to a MacBook for a multitrack recording of the shows. It’s always useful to have a quick mix that can be rushed out for video redundancy purposes alongside the full multitrack for the shows.

    Relatively new to using the iLive system, but I did run a show in March using it and I managed to figure out the Dante routing for all my individual channels on the Mix Rack for multitracking.

    Here’s what I’ll be using for the show:

    iLive T-112 Surface > iDR32 (Fixed format) > xDR16 Expander (Port A of Mix Rack), xDR 16 Expander (Port B of Mix Rack, Dante card fitted in Port B of expander).

    Under Port B: ACE settings, I’m using the “Redundancy Off: In 1-32 Link 1, 33-64 Link 2” mode to make full use of both xDR16 expanders (using these as stageboxes) and all of my radio mics are patched into the Mix Rack itself.

    If anyone could give me some pointers about how to route this, that would be really appreciated.

    Do let me know if I can provide any further information.

    Cheers all.

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