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    I didn’t find anything that quite answered my question via the search, although it’s possible I just missed it. So, I’m running a GLD 80 with a digital snake to an AR2412, which then heads to a ME-U and off to eight ME-1s. Each ME-1 is fed via PoE from the ME-U. The problem comes in when my guys on the ME-1s are always complaining that their mix changes between practice and performance; in other words, there is no consistency from system power on to power on. For example, some weeks they say they sound great. Other weeks a channel is suddenly “fuzzy” in the IEM that sounds normal in the house mix. In short, what is causing this unpredictable behavior? I’m sending my monitor signal as Input Direct Outs Post HPF under each channel’s routing tab. Should I send them as Input Sockets or take some off the preamp processing off of the IEM sends?

    Also, just to make sure, my only impact on the IEM monitor feed (feeding off the monitor output on the AR2412) is the preamp, right? Faders, effects, and such don’t impact their levels whatsover? I haven’t found much in the manuals that tell my what does and doesn’t impact the ME-1s.

    Thanks for any help,

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    The input direct outs can be set to “follow fader” and “follow mute”, but if both of those are off then the only things that will affect them are the processing objects that they are “post”. I’d probably use post HPF with “follow mute” turned on. Obviously if the input soft-patch (relationship between input sockets and channels) was to be changed then this would affect the signal to the ME-U, as the direct out is taken from the channel rather than the input socket.

    Have you been able to listen to the “fuzzy” sound the musicians are reporting? If there’s a channel it’s common on you could route that to the USB recorder exactly the same way it’s routed to the ME-U.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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