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    I experienced a fairly disturbing failure mode with an iLive Modular during a large outdoor concert on Saturday.

    Setup was:

    – iLive 112
    – IDR10 with ACE to surface and DANTE option card for monitors (ME) and recording.
    – MEU Hub with 9 ME1’s

    We basically lost control of the surface, audio continued to pass, however there was no error or loss of connection on the surface. It continued to look like everything was functioning fine.
    I confirmed that it was not limited to the surface, a laptop also connected to the rack also looked like it was working fine. However, if you performed a function (perhaps mute Left Main), it looked like it had muted on the surface / laptop, but the output was not actually muted, audio continued to pass out of the main output. The same occurred for any function, including inputs, effects etc.

    I’ve never seen this before but I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before and if so what the cause was.

    The issue occurred around 4 times during the show and the only way to fix it was to power down the rack and restart the surface which was very scary.


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    Hi Toby

    Sorry you have encountered this issue. Are you running the latest firmware V1.94? This update resolves what sounds like a similar issue.


    – Jeff, A&H

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    Leon BigEars A&H

    Toby, did you have the iLive network bridged to the ME-U to get the names?

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    ahhh, yes, I am still running 1.9 because it has been so stable. I shall upgrade immediately.

    Leon, with the ME1 issue, yes I was bridged into the iLive network, but I had the import names function turned off as I was crossing channels over a bit. Does this have an impact, even with the import names function turned off?


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