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    I have an extensive iLive system consisting of a t-144, an IDR 10, an IDR 32, an IDR 8 (with idr out) and a separate IDR out. The IDR 10 has a multi digital out, which was connected to both the IDR 8 and separate IDR out. I installed a dante card in the b slot of the IDR 32 and the multi digital out (IDR…don’t know about adat etc.) have stopped working. I use the system typically with the IDR 10 as the master in a dual mixrack system. I have tried different cables (including the digital snake on a reel purchased from A&H), and have had no success. When I plug in the cat 5, the IDR 8 just stops working, if it had booted up before I plugged in the cat 5. If the IDR 8 starts booting after I plugin the cat 5, the IDR 8 just stops booting. I tried to change the DHCP settings to set IP, have left it on DHCP. I really need those extra outputs for my next show. Thanks in advance.

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    Leon BigEars A&H

    Hi allanbranson
    It’s not clear to me if the iDR10 was already working in DualRack mode with Muti Digital Out card in two of the 10 I/O slots and the iDR32 connected as slave rack?
    Check to see what is supposed to be routed out of the 16 outputs on those two slots of the iDR are they still there?
    The iDR8 IP doesnt come into it unless its on a network for remote control – typically as a stand-alone unit it should be set to DHCP off.
    you say the iDR just stops working when you plug in the cat5 linking it to the ilive Multi Digial Out, are you saying it works fine passing local audio and being controlled by editor but crashes when the digital audio IN link is connected?
    You may need to open a support ticket for this one but if you could clarify the above I can suggest some diagnostics. it could be handy to gather serial numbers, event logs, and showfile for the iLive setup in readiness.

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    You are correct in all of the above. The IDR has the Multi digital out card in two of the 10 slots and the idr32 is used as slave. The IDR8 crashes and stops passing signal when the digital audio IN link is connected…whether it is on the network or not. I have been limping along with using the analog outs on the idr 10 and the idr 32 via copper mults into the analog ins on the idr8.
    We are closing our current show on Sunday and I will start work shortly after on Les Mis with full orchestrations (14 players in the pit) and 30 rf mics. As you can imagine, I need as many outputs as can be. I think I will be using the two mixracks in foh/mon mode with tunneling over ace so I can have more busses available, since I will be eating at least 14 with monitor mixes for the pit.


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