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    Mike C

    Just heard about this software product.
    What you read it sounds like a magic fix all just about any audio issue!!!

    I can see how it could be used a sub mixer for live stream pulling the direct outs from the mixer, creating some sort of auto mix and sending on to the video system.

    I wonder how they get it’s “magic” back into the main mixer for the main system mix
    like they say it can be used for.

    Looks like it’s available for the QU and the SQ mixers.

    Call me a skeptic!!


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    Looks like a show file template. Kind of pricey IMO for a template that you could probably get for free from some of the forum users here or on Facebook. This still won’t take into consideration the actual room acoustics, mic types, vocalists, speakers etc, so it will only a starting point, much like the presets found in Qu and SQ.

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    Mike C

    Yep with a deeper dive into their website it’s just a show or scene file.
    Funny thing is that some of the mixers listed come loaded with or have preset
    files you can down load if your into that sort of thing.

    The way I first took it as described to me from a facility who bought the package
    complete with a tech who is coming in to install and set it up was that it is a software program running a virtual mixer on a PC pulling the audio from the USB multitrack outputs of the main mixer to create a mix for live stream.

    As Scott just mentioned presets are at best a starting point.

    Many places buy a system that has lots of capability but just want set and forget one size fits all settings for the all inputs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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