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    I have happily used my QU-32 for years now, and have successfully recorded my solo albums etc. with no USB issues at all. It’s a fantastic live desk for my electronic music streams as well.

    I sometimes get a few of the USB recording glitches mentioned in other threads, but nothing life-threatening. I just record another take. However, I am now faced with a significant, persistent issue that has brought me to a standstill and making me consider ditching the desk for something that may be more reliable.

    When I open up the Inputs dialogue in Ableton, they all appear to be firing off sound (see attached screenshot). When I record silence I am getting frequent clicks, once every few seconds with about three clicks around 500ms apart.

    When I record (say) a synthesiser, it’s the garbled mess that I’ve happily avoided for the past five or so years, and it won’t stop.

    I’m having the same issue with both my 2019 iMac and my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro. My other interfaces play ball perfectly. The QU-32 has been fine (ish) until this. I have a work-around that hopefully works. I’m going to send Mix 1 to a stereo audio interface and put the fader up for whichever channel I want to record. This, if it works, obviously means I’m now reduced to a stereo pair.

    Any advice? Do I need to get the USB card replaced? Are there any things I can do to diagnose this myself?

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    Please ensure you are running the latest firmware as there were updates to the USB-B streaming in the past few years.
    If this doesn’t help, please contact us using support.allen-heath.com with your system identifiers so we can look into this with you.


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