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    I’ve been using my qu-16 with snake as a drum recording mixer, and on my desk as a hybrid mixing tool. I dearly enjoy the flexibility and also have used it to mix live shows. Just as something to be aware of, for those that like to send mixes”out of the box” for hardware integration: The outputs are not the same latency for all of them. The mono outputs have the same latency, and channels 5/6,7/8 match up. outputs 9/10,Mains are at more latent than 5/6,7/8. So to recap: outputs 1-4 are the same and lowest latent. outputs 5/6,7/8 are same latency, but more than 1-4. Outputs 9/10 and mains are the same latency, but even more than the other 2 sets. This does matter when using outputs to compressors for side chain control. It can also matter when mixing with anything parallel or multimic’d sources. Listening to parallel mixes in hybrid fashion is a very dificult thing (inherent latency), but you will be in for a BIG surprise, if you wrongfully assume that all the outputs are actualy in sync. I still dearly love the mixer, but this is a small detail that needs known, so it can be accomodated for, overlooked, or you can purchase another mixer/interface that doesnt suffer this fault. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I have verified this many times over. I have owned a qu-16, qu-24 and qu-32. Only recently when using the qu-16 with my api2500, did i notice that I COULD NOT use outputs 7/8 for sidechain and 9/10 for direct audio, as the timing between the 2 sets was messing up the reason to even use a sidechain. I did not notice the mixer fx making any change in the latency. Feel free to test this yourself by simply looping outputs into your intputs. I did verify that ALL inputs are in sync, so this is a minor issue. I’m assuming it has something to do with internal bus routing on the board.

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    Interesting to know thank you.

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    Yes. Very good!
    I have used multiple reverbs and EVX from the ITB returning into QU32 so wouldn’t really hear the latency.
    Good noting

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