HPF Sidechain for Compressors.

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    The compressors are great but for bass music production, having an HPF side chain, SSL style, would be very beneficial.
    Variable frequency… 50hz to 200hz, would be ideal.

    I’m having to use my FMR Audio RNC with passive inline HPF solution on the master output, instead.

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    Dick Rees

    What is “bass music production” exactly? And why not just go all the way to frequency sensitive compression rather than limit your choice of trigger frequencies?

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    yes, agreed. only had my qu for a couple days but this is definitely needed.

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    No I think we need better compression for ‘vocals’ like ‘DBX’ at this level!

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    The purpose of the master compressor in this context is an effect to create subtle dynamic movement and glue everything together by timing the attack/release settings to work with the elements of the track to add groove/drive. It’s much better to just be able to ignore the heavy low end and have the compressor respond to the rest.

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    If using more than a 16, could you achieve what you want by routing all but the heavy bass through a sub group and compressing that?

    That said, I want frequency sensitivity & side chains on the comps too. Also – for the same sort of reasons, a multi band compressor available on the effects units to insert when wanted.

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    bass parts and kicks usually also have higher end you would want affected so doesn’t quite work the same

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    Valentyn L


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    +1… definitely.

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