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    The title says it all: a HP filter on all mix outs to prevent excessive LF content in wedges
    This and a couple of other minor new features (dbx comp emulation, multiband comp, bucket brigade fx, space echo emulation) and I’d be happy to sell my GLD and QU-16 and buy a SQ6 and a SQ5

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    We have fought for HPF on QU for years. So don’t hold your breath.

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    I never understand that
    very useful feature

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    I think I saw somewhere to expect an update for Qu series this side of Christmas, here’s hoping.

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    Also works on an installation where you have some of your output feeding ceiling speakers. This way you won’t need an extra dsp.

    For Qu would be a great addition. (Qu Pac and Qu Sb)

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    I couldn’t agree more. My theatre is considering buying an SQ but the lack of HPFs on the outs is a real fly in the ointment. It would be such a useful feature and seems like an odd omission. An option to have LPFs on the channel EQ would be great too.

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    I agree it is silly A&H doesn’t include this as it is so simple to implement.

    But, https://forums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/topic,165684.msg1527412.html#msg1527412

    You can create your own via PEQ.

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    Could lead to us not using Allen & Heath mixers if not implemented….

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    There is no limitation on number of band that can be used on the GEQ ( unlike some japanese brand). so I drop the LF when needed and it does the trick just as good if not more accurate. I think the buck needs to go somewhere else… monitor out for instance!

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    It’s not the same, not by far.

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    I’m perplexed by the omission as well… I’d forgotten that the Qu didn’t have it. It is there on my Presonus SLIII, and I’ve gotten accustomed to it (along with the ahem, 6-band PEQ). Much quicker to adjust on the board than via the monitors’ DriveRacks. Even harder to work around for those using powered monitors.

    It almost seems like it would be *more* work for the engineers to use a different algorithm for mix out PEQ vs the on that runs the inputs. I’ve always wondered if the difference arises because the outputs support GEQ, and perhaps the GEQ and PEQ filter cooeficients are get mashed together and run through the same IIR filter. Still seems weird to not find a way to stuff a HPF into the calculation somewhere.

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    It seems A&H has an issue with implementing this for some strange reason.

    Something so simple and useful, why???

    HPF on any output, simple.

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    +1 for HPF on aux and matrix

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    Paul Harrison

    I’m in on a + 1 for HPF on outputs, at least on mixes/matrices.

    This is the first forum I’ve ever made an account for because normally I’m just a lurker, BUT this is important to me haha I feel like these consoles have so much potential that adding just a few more basic options such as this, would make these a PERFECT fit and leader in the budget console world.

    I am not expecting nor suggesting A&H to add every bell and whistle,that’s why they sell the Dlive. So I get it but just some basic things that most of the other manufacturers have in there budget consoles such HPF on outputs.

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    +1 for HPF on Outputs (please, please, please)


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