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    One more.

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    This post is just going to provide some more accurate information on multi-channel recording support in Audacity to clear up an statement that is overly broad and inaccurate — given that Jortaani is on Windows, the choice to use Reaper (or other software like Waves Live) to record is a better option than using Audacity. (Side note for Jortaani: if you’re changing parameters for the channel processing like EQ and it’s not affecting what you’re hearing from the input, that seems like the setting in the mixer for where it gets the signal needs to be changed from post preamp to something later in the signal processing chain).

    This isn’t accurate except in certain scenarios (such as using the MME driver, or if ASIO is needed but you didn’t compile Audacity from source with ASIO support):

    Audacity only records one stereo pair of tracks [two tracks] at a time. You can not record more at once.
    You can have more tracks on screen and combine them later but recording is limited to one pair.

    Audacity is fully capable of recording on more than 2 channels at once on macOS and Linux. What mfk0815 said about Audacity on Windows is fairly accurate – if you compile a copy of Audacity yourself you can have ASIO support which will work for multichannel recordings, but the default Windows installers don’t have ASIO support because of licensing restrictions surrounding distributing software with ASIO support. (Certain soundcards with multiple ADCs or devices using Windows DirectSound may work for multichannel recording without ASIO, but those don’t apply to recording audio coming from an A&H mixer.)

    The video Multi Track Recording in Audacity for Podcasts shows recording multiple channels on macOS (seems like OP is on Windows, so does not apply).

    The Audacity manual/wiki has a section on building a copy of Audacity with ASIO support at with instructions for Windows, though this is likely more effort than OP wants to go through.

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