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    Hi! Congratulations on an excellent product, I’m glad to finally be able to dive in. I’ll do my best to put this across, please ask me for any additional clarification or suggest avenues of research. First up, we’re using an SQ7 in the studio alongside ME-1 monitors and Dante stagebox, connected via USB, 96k/64samples + Mackie control, to a Logic Pro setup in a highly specced Mac M1, latest firmware throughout.

    Monitors are a bit of a mess. My goal briefly is to be able to switch via softkey an initial 8 groups shown on the ME1s between straight inline desk, and DAW. In a little more detail below:

    To display to performers on the ME1’s an initial eight groups – drums, vox etc, with a 32 individual channels following to make up the 40 total

    To be able to switch between these groups, group by group individually, from taking their inputs direct from the board and channel strip, or from the DAW with all the processing etc – ideally via soft keys 9 through 16, so that performers can hear themselves clean’n’clear, with that good ‘ol 0.7ms latency, switchable between all the dirty DAW action group by group, or maybe even channel by channel at the touchscreen level.

    My question – is this achievable via patch libraries stored in different scenes, the scenes being accessed via the soft keys and some very clever masking of scene recall material?
    Are there any suggestions how to proceed, or alternatives?

    A 3rd best solution presents, that 8 groups live followed by 8 daw groups could be presented, but it wouldn’t be as nifty. Expert-level diagram included below

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