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    Before I tried anything, I wanted to get a sense for what your preferred method of connecting a record player to the Qu32 would be? My record player goes into a phono preamp with two RCA outputs.


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    Really Great ….

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    Mike C

    I would just take the phono pre amp outputs into one the stereo
    line inputs on the back of the mixer, ST 1 or ST 2.

    With record playback I would set the highpass filter at 40hz. or higher depending
    on music content.

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    If the preamp does proper equalization for RIAA then just take the RCA cables and insert into a cable(s) with connector you want to use with the Qu and insert into any free connector on the board. If you use an RCA to stereo TRS then I think ST3 is the best input location but would need to reread the documentation. If you use RCA to separate TS then any two of those should work. If you want to maintain stereo then check the manual for the best pair of inputs as some can link two monos to being one stereo.

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    Mike C

    I would use either the ST1 or ST2 stereo inputs on the back of the mixer.
    You would need RCA to 1/4 cables for that.
    ST1 and ST2 are dedicated stereo inputs on one fader
    on the QU32 surface they are on the second layer.
    You can build a custom layer and include the channel on that.

    If ST1 and ST2 are already in use you can as mention link a pair of input channels together to operate as one stereo pair, pan the channels accordingly for stereo.
    You can only link an odd number channel to the next even number channel.

    The ST3 input on the top surface of the mixer would work but if you are using the
    the USB for some playback ST3 is dedicated to the USB playback input and more so
    I would not want a somewhat fragile 1/8 inch plug sticking up on the top mixer just
    waiting to get hit or pulled on and broken off.

    I like get away from using any 1/8 connector as fast as possible or not at all when connecting anything in a sound system.

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    Any ST1 ST2 ST3 or ganged monos would work. But you need the right TS or TRS connector depending what input you choose.
    Comes down to do you have the channels on the board for the input or are you already using the USB on the upper right corner.
    And what cables are more convenient to use.

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    I have a TASCAM cassette player with a phono. You can get an L/R phono to L/R quarter-inch and connect that way.


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