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    I am new to this forum. Thanks for the accept.

    I am recording video and audio for live streaming using the qu-16 Usb-b to Iphone via the lighting adapter. I have ch 1,2,3,4 as audio inputs. But when I record audio, I am only getting channel 1 and 2. I have read the manual but it is unclear in how to make sure that all the channels are going through left and right (ch1 and ch2). I appreciate if there is step by step guide in how to route all channels to record audio in iPhone.

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    Mike C

    Most standard stereo recording or live streaming software only pick off channels/tracks 1 & 2 from the USB B multitrack output.

    Do you just want to send the what the main LR mix is to the live stream or did you want to create a separate mix for the live stream.

    Using a separate mix would allow for some separate mix balance adjustments to the live stream feed and you can apply EQ and compression just for the live stream feed, you will want to use some moderate compression on the live stream feed upwards to a 5 to 1 ratio and don’t go overboard on the low end on the live stream audio.
    Set the mix for post fade and to start with make it post all.

    You can select the audio sources sent to the USB B tracks in the IO set up menu. Select track 1 and use the input knob to scroll through the selections, pick either L R or the mix if your building a separate live stream audio mix.

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    Like @mikec said you only get two channels from the usbb.

    Use a stereo mix in the Qu to combine as many channels as you want then send the mix pair to the live stream for stereo out.

    You should not be recording in the iphone if it is live streaming.
    Send it directly to utoob or facebook or wherever the stream goes.
    We have a fast gaming PC to feed out livestream and we still record and mix in our Qu.
    No way an iphone could match the MSI PC for capability to do livestreaming. At least not do it well without limitations.

    If you want a recording do it from the Qu.
    Normally that would be the aux by the LR but you could do a mix or matrix out to a recorder.
    We record to CD but you could do with another device that accepts analog input to record.
    Not long ago we used cassette tapes to do it:)

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