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    Running Firmware 1.9 on a Qu-24.

    I have two microphones on channels 23-24 which are assigned to Mix 5/6. I want to be able to link this two mics into the rest of the system so I can send them to the ALT-OUT for recording purposes. However, they CANNOT be amplified. The mics sit in the back of the church sanctuary and are used to pick up the congregation singing.

    We have pored over the manuals and can’t really find a way to do this. Any ideas would be appreciated (if it can be done).

    Many thanx,


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    SETUP -> I/O Patch -> Surface
    just select Mix 5/6 for Alt-Out?
    (Page 72 in The Manual)

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    Dick Rees


    Make sure these mics are UNASSIGNED from the mains bus on the console. This will not affect the Mix routing/assignment but will insure that you don’t accidentally get them coming back through your PA.

    If you need help to assign/unassign channels, see the Manual.

    Good luck.

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    And if you have a stage box it might be worth running them as ST2, to keep them off the front layer

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    Are these mics the only thing you need from the Alt Out, or do you want to mix them with some other inputs for recording?

    If the latter, then it may be worth looking at the matrix fiction, and routing that to the Alt Out

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