How do I access Qu Libraries from USB key?

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    Paul Swytch

    I grabbed the Yamaha o2r96 library from the forum and can’t seem to get them to read on the qu24.



    Paul Swytch

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    USB key formatted by the desk?

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    I had same problem and realized that I needed to open the files fully – root files. I had help from a friend on Pro Sound Web Forum.,151741.msg1391677.html#msg1391677

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    Can anyone tell me where I would find the new Libraries from ver 1.6.
    Are? would they be loaded automatically?
    My library panel is just the same as ever was….?
    One of my QU was a very early version…
    cheers and well done A&H
    I’ll now go and get a router and join the wifi club


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    They might be in the firmware 1.6! So update your qu! After updating you may find when open the channel-library a button to your left which is called “factory”! (Didn’t checked it yet but it seema like that on the new release pictures!

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    They get added when you install the new firmware. Pick a channal, processing screen and library. You should see some new stuff there.

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    Hi guys
    no I have looked everywhere…
    The firmware is I think “just the update” ?
    I also looked in the A&H library.
    I mean I don’t need them… I usually program QU from scratch nearly everytime.
    You know… the old dude on the block type scenario
    check check 1 2.
    Same favorite revs.. (every room has a flavour)
    I’m sure they will turn up. well hopefully
    Interestingly, I have to use 4 QU next weekend for conference rooms. Lapels & radio mic’s…
    I’m so pleased I jumped into these (digital) last December.
    I used to lug all of those EQu’s & DBX comps around.
    cheers and thanks
    If anyone finds where they are located.. i’ll watch this blog


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    My mixer is right in front of me and I can see the new presets. Make sure you’re in the factory library (presets with the red icon). I can see new ones for the PEQ, Channel, Comp and Gates.

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    Haha Thats funny
    I found the Libraries! DUH!
    You know… I have been using these things for a year now and never knew that tab existed!?
    Thanks Marc…
    and I guess that’s what this forum is REALLY ABOUT!
    that small little bit of help!

    you made my day!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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