How can I interface a 2nd Qu32 as a monitor desk off of my dsnake system?

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    Is it just using the expansion port on the dsnake stagebox?

    If I want to add ME-1 to the setup do I just use the ME-U?

    Does dsnake allow you to use IT type switches for splitting signal?



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    You can expand the signal using a switch, but a QU mixer cannot be a clock slave, so you can’t do what you want.

    The ME1 just olugs into the relevant port IIRC

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    Hi Gus
    When you find the answer to this please let me know.
    Bobs correct.
    I use multiples of QU32 and still have to use analogue split.
    and… after great discussions they tell me most splits are still analogue anyhow.
    You would think at this point in time they [all manufacturers] would have this sussed by now digitally, however
    I guess Price point and marketing [and politics being the greater UK mixer corp] could be one of the issues here.
    Be nice to see digital split without gain sharing ‘per channel’
    The ME1, you can use as a stand alone monitor and get a totally separate digital split (so does that mean they don’t have their own clock and use the QU clock?)
    A thought just crossed my mind there and I do not have any ME1’s now as I couldn’t justify having them in hire stock
    The ME1 must be after the gain structure in a QU32?
    Cant remember actually. Moved on to other projects.

    I have come to think the way of the future is multiple iPads.
    One for the monitor engineer and also as a stage hand
    and the other for FOH.
    There are already people doing thas with their iLive and I’m sure now also with the QU.
    As I have not tried this…
    The scenario.. monitor engineer walking the stage would surely have to have really good communication with the FOH tech before adjusting levels etc…?
    I mean, if both techs go tweaking at the same time?
    From what I have seen on some shows, the one tech does both.
    In reality this is not always possible dependent on type of shows.

    IMO I don’t think we will see and digital split happen on the QU series of mixers.
    Sure, software could be written to do this, however we are in a minority in the grand scale of marketing at this price point.
    The QU dose not have option slots like GLD ilive etc..

    pics attached of last show with wee glimpse of analogue split, low left corner of monitor desk on a very very wet day!
    Sorry a bit of a rave there.


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    I have harped on this before. We are getting spoiled by what we are already getting for our money and yet we want more, and more. There are points where the manufacturers just cut off what can or can’t be done. If you want dig split go with GLD or iLive otherwise one just has to be happy with the great value at what you are paying for.

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    I agree.
    What is is!
    Fantastic product for the price!
    within 2 years I have cut my truck load by a third from not having all of those what seems like hideous rack of outboard processing equipment

    Next job it will be iPads for monitors.

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    well stated Gcumbee, I feel the same way…

    however, for less MSRP, my Mackie DL32R has a slot for a Dante card that is $499.00 retail,
    So,,, Allen & Heath COULD HAVE done this for the QU price point,
    it is too late to incorporate a digital split for the QU mixers as we know them now.

    I do believe it was smart of A&H to NOT offer the Dante card slot in the QU line,
    because there needs to be (as you said) a point where the manufacturer says.. by the GLD.

    Quite honestly, the fact that the Qu24 is able to use the “Purple Box” (D Snake) like a GLD
    was the determining factor of my purchase of the Qu24.

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    And now you can get the boxes in black. 🙂

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    You can’t do a digital pre-gain control, because the gain feeds into the DCA. You can have trim functions to apply later.

    The only sane option for A&H would be to make a QU-monitor, so I suspect the answer will be…. Buy a GLD.

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    Latency may make this a mute point for live application, but I am interested in using Dante Via with a Qu. If I understand it correctly, you would take the USB feed from the QU and use Dante Via to patch it onto your network. in Theory, you should be able to create a digital split with the extra hardware. This won’t link 2 QU mixers, but you could connect to other dante devices.

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    The USB output could be used – a PC can then convert it to whatever other format it supports.

    I suppose you could probably have a PC act as a patchbay between QU devices – but I guess it would be doing live resampling of 32 channels at a time – ouch.

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    1st of all I think its great to have these discussions on this forum as “is that what this forum is about?”
    Just experimenting assists learning how it all works.

    You could probably do what dcongdon talked about using USB B out.
    Latency is the issue I suspect there.
    I and probably many others use Reaper software in Mac as it is extremely light on the processor and very good price.
    There are people that use Reaper software for live mixing.

    I experimented last week doing nearly what was suggested here [out of USB B and back into ST3 via USB Digitally] and very little latency with out any FX per each channel within MAC.
    I was experimenting using outboard FX (reverbs and chorus’s and doubling) within Reaper.

    However that was ‘not’ with a lot of channels happening simultaneously.
    All of that latency would add up or glitch?
    I have not tried USB B into MAC using Reaper and out of USB to another QU though.
    That might be fun?
    Not even sure if that’s possible with out getting into script writing inside Reaper?

    If you have the equipment sitting around and lots of time on your hands…
    Easier to get a credit card and a different system?
    Although for smaller channel count, 12 to 16 channels might be ok?

    Food for thought.

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    You are always receiving the full channel count though…

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    Thanks to all who replied…

    Clearly I was making some assumptions on what the Qu were capable of. The digital domain is not my strength.

    The fact that I can’t do it isn’t a big deal for the way we operate now. And, we are really pleased with what the Qu’s have brought to our programs. Maybe an upgrade to GLD in the future!


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    or the monitor engineer could use an iPad? It somewhat limits separation of eq etc, but you can do most things…

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    Good point Bob… and if I split the sends driving the monitors I could route to another mixer so I could solo/monitor without walking around the stage.


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