How can I get my QU-24 effects to record in Logic ProX

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    L A

    When I record into Logic its minus the effects from the QU-24. I want the option to keep the effects if I like them.

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    Mike C

    I assume your recording multi track.

    You will need to assign the needed FX returns to some of tracks
    on the USB output.

    IO menu under the USB set up tab.

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    I am trying something similar except I am recording from my Qu-Pac into photo booth on my iMac. I can get audio into the app with no problem but no effects. I have tried assigning effects on the I/O USB page but still get nothing through. A truly newbie question but does it matter what channels I assign the effects returns to? The manual is a bit more straight forward when it discusses the Qu’s that have faders. All I want to accomplish is to video record some songs with effects on the vocals. Is there a better app that anyone knows of for Mac?

    Thanks, Phil

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    Mike C

    @ Phil

    I don’t know Photo Booth but from a quick look I’m guessing it’s not going to record any
    multitrack tracks other than tracks 1 & 2 and will see the QU Pac as more or less a stereo USB input.

    In the IO set up menu go to USB and assign the main L R mix to tracks 1 & 2 and un-assign the remaining tracks by selecting X for the track input.

    If you want to have another mix feed the video recording select that mix in the track 1 & 2 assignment blocks.
    If you choose to use a separate mix to feed the recording bring up the needed FX returns send levels in the mix feeding the recording.

    That set up is more or less the same when I use the USB B out to feed audio to a computer that is feeding a live stream broadcast and or doing a video recording.

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    On an FX per track basis you’ll need to……….

    1. Press the “Setup” button. Then go to I/O Patch tab—>USB Audio. Set the CH/ST/Group source to Direct Outputs
    2. Press the “FX” button. On any of the FX you wish to record open its “Back Panel” and select “Insert” from the patching choices towards left hand side then select “Input #” from the input drop down where # is the channel number you wish to record FX on.
    3. Press the “Routing” button and the channel select button of the channel you are recording FX on. Then choose the point at which you wish to record from. That will need to be at least “Post Insert” for the FX you have just inserted but you might also want the EQ or compressor in which case you will need to choose the relevant option.
    4. Switch to the processing screen for the channel you are recording and make sure the “Insert” is turned on as well as any of the channel processing EQ etc. you wish to record


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