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    I am a new Allen and Heath user, but I have looked extensively and could not find a place where my current network IP address is listed.

    I know there is a network settings section where you can assign a static IP address, but honestly I don’t agree with that strategy. (I prefer to assign a static IP address via the router and leave individual devices set to DHCP. This way devices will always connect to the network should the network change for some reason or if you need to connect to another network).

    One would expect that the current IP address would be listed in that same section, but it doesn’t appear to be. I also cannot find the MAC address on the board anywhere.

    I ended up logging into the router and having to try to connect to the board manually using the various DHCP assigned addresses that did not have a description listed. Using this method I was able to find the board’s network address and MAC address which I used to assign a static IP address in the router. However this method is completely unacceptable. Again, perhaps I am missing something simple, but I looked for quite a while to find the information before I ended up going this route.

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    it is not recommended to use dhcp if you are not knowing what you are doing

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    That’s an odd response to my question/feature suggestion. I do know what I am doing and I even tried to explain why I believe DHCP is the correct setting to use on the console.

    If I am incorrect and the current IP address is listed somewhere, I’d love to learn where it is. If the MAC address is actually on the console somewhere (most electronics manufactures put a sticker on the hardware with the devices individual MAC address) I’d like to know where it is located (I looked on the back, but not the bottom due to how the board is installed).

    In other words, if you have actual relevant information to share on the topic, I would love to hear it. I know you can be a very helpful resource on this forum, but injecting your personal opinions without actually helping answer the question just leaves a bad taste in my mouth honestly.

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    Hi Brian,

    As Steffen is correct, We recommend an fixed IP due to the fact the console waits for an IP dress to boot if set to DHCP.
    If the DHCP server is not there or there is an issue It can take longer than normal for the system to boot.

    The system also relies on the IP connection for its own operation (Iow if there is a conflict the control side of the console will be interrupted)

    If you still want to change the settings you can find it in the manual page 46.

    If you want to default the network settings to factory you can simply unplug the console without doing a proper shutdown.
    When you power up the system you will get a menu with “start console” or “Advanced”
    Press advanced and you can default the network settings and reboot.

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    Thanks for the response.

    I understand how to change the IP address in the console. I just think it is very strange that the current IP address is not listed on a UI screen somewhere. This, combined with the fact that Allen & Heath apparently doesn’t mark the console with the MAC address anywhere, makes setting up the network harder than it need to be.

    It’s clear that you expect people to use a static IP address. There are plenty of IT professionals who would argue that this isn’t a good way of managing your network. For individual devices that are not part of the network structure itself (like switches, APs, routers, etc) many would recommended that you use DHCP reserved addresses – giving you the benefits of a static address while making the management of devices easier. This is how I set up my networks. I’m sure I am not alone in this.

    In either case, if you are going to offer DHCP as an option, it would be wise to show the current IP address somewhere on the UI. That is my request.

    PS – if the console takes a extra long period of time to boot if there is no DHCP server located, that is a design flaw that need to be fixed. The booting of the console should not rely on a network connection. I’m sure you simply skip this check if a static network address is assigned and it should work the same way if DHCP is selected.

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    Hi Brian,

    I completely agree with you. I had the same problem with not being able to find the DHCP assigned IP address or the MAC address of the desk NIC, so that I could set up a reservation on my LAN DHCP server.

    I eventually resorted to the path of least resistance and set a static address on the desk.

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    Hi Brian,

    The Network settings are accessible from the user interface:


    Here you can change the network settings to your liking.

    We indeed do not print the MAC address on the devices.

    A simple way to get your MAC address :
    Open Putty, Terminal or Command Box, etc

    Type: “Ping” (Or the IP address of your console which you can find in the GUI).
    (Ctrl-C to stop)
    Type: “arp -a”

    Now you will see the MAC address of your mixer (After the Pinged IP address) (And you can easily copy it into your switch text box).

    Please understand, we don’t tell you how to setup your network, we only recommend ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As the dLive and Avantis are network based mixers they need a network connection to be operational.
    If they would not wait for an IP address from a remote server, there would be no room for a DHCP server (A DHCP server takes time to respond (This could be very short but can also take some time) and that’s why there is a time out).
    The waiting time right is very short but could get longer if the network has long latency’s.

    Again this is not to discuss the correct way to setup network topology/Settings, but to give you information how to obtain what you need.

    PS in the US you have great support from American music and sound, so please reach out to them if you need help.
    Hope this helps!

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    @martijn I think you missed the main request here. Currently (as far as I have been able to find), there is no way to know see the default ip of the board when dhcp is turned on. The network settings screen only shows a greyed out version of the last set static ip, not the active address assigned by the DHCP server. While you could use the command line to get the mac address, you still need the ip address, which is not shown anywhere on the console in DHCP mode. We run 2 avantis consoles, and our network is also setup with reserved DHCP addresses based on mac addresses. Our network is very robust, so the dhcp wait time is not an issue for us, and it was a massive pain not being able to see the ip while we were setting up the consoles.

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    I just want to note that Allen’s and Heath’s own whitepaper on Dante (which we have installed) says…. “Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automatically assigns IP addresses and is the preferred method for Dante based networks.”

    It also says, “Static addressing involves manually assigning an IP address to each node on the network. It requires a certain element of organisation [sic] and introduces the possibility of IP conflicts through human error.”

    Talk about conflicting information from the company!

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    AH does have a problem keeping their documentation up to date.
    Qu manual says v1.9 on the cover, inside they say its 1.8.
    A minor typo perhaps but there are many examples like this.

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    Dante and the control network are different in handling and in recommendation
    that is the reason for different informations

    Talk about conflicting information from the company!

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    Hi Brian,

    if you are going to offer DHCP as an option, it would be wise to show the current IP address somewhere on the UI. That is my request.

    Can you tell us on which computer/console/tablet… you will see the assigned IP address on the UI?
    I also do not see much benefit for that. There are two possible options, both needs a good address management. Either note your static IP addresses in a document or doing it on your DHCP server and note that reserved addresses somewhere. So basically you need some schema for ip addresses.
    Let me explain my schema.
    1) I am using a network (class C), thats enough for my networks
    2) addresses from 1 to 50 are reserved for local infrastructure.
    3) addresses from 51 to 100 are managed by a DHCP server for client devices
    4) addresses from 101 to 150 are reserved for further usage
    5) addresses from 151 to 180 are reserved for static addresses of devices such as my mixing consoles (not that much so I could manage them easily ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    6) addresses from 181 to 254 are reserved for further usage

    This schema I use at home as well as with routers used โ€œon the roadโ€œ. So I do not have to change anything at home or on the road.
    If the class C network would become to small there would be the possibility using class B or A as well.

    But for the future, approximately in 10-50 years ;-), when IPV6 will also be supported by mixing consoles, general DHCP support for all network devices would become important. But with IPV4 I cannot seethis at the moment.

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    I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand your question.

    The point is that if a user selects DHCP on the Avantis network settings, currently there is no way to see the assigned IP address or MAC address for the console. This means in order to find the assigned address, one has to look through all the devices on the network and start guessing which one might be the console. If they provided a MAC address, you could at least filter by the MAC address and find it immediately. But without either prices of information, you are really having to guess.

    All I want to see is the IP address listed in the Avantis settings somewhere. The MAC address would be nice too while they are at it.

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