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    I’m thinking GLD80 here. There are people who answer many questions repeatedly on these forums. I was wondering if A&H would start a new subsection where we can nominate subject headings and others can write procedures to accomplish them. These could be “stickies” that other forums have.

    There are so many holes in the published manuals that they can hardly be called manuals. The answers of the past can be searched and maybe edited a bit to provide text for these subjects too. The search facilities on this forum are rudimentary at best so info gets lost in the flood of useless unrelated posts.

    In a nut shell, A&H as well as users can propose headings and we the crowd can write how we do it.

    What do you think of it.

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    I am interested in this idea. Would be nice if A&H would post the “?” Help content that is on the GLD. My only concern is how to track firmware updates or validate entries. There is plenty of well-intended but inaccurate information on this forum. It would be counter productive if the best reference were unreliable.

    That aside, a crowd-sourced, field manual for the GLD seems like a step in the right direction.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi John,

    I’m not against the idea, but I share the concerns above. Features change with firmware updates, and while we do our best to keep the documentation and embedded Help up to date, reviewing relevant sections of the forum would be tricky.

    We are however all ear to suggestions on how to improve our documentation.
    I trust you have the latest versions (V1.4) of both the User Guide and Screen Reference Guide?
    What sections, areas or applications do you feel are missing or should be expanded?
    Can you make an example of a couple of forum threads that addressed any of these?


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    I have been live mixing the GLD 80 for about 6 months and totally agree that the on line training and on board help documents are inadequate. I would like to see much more on scene development and updating. Setting up soft keys for use with scenes.

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    What’s the issue with setting up softkeys? You go into the softkey setup page, choose a softkey, and decide what you want it to do “Next” “Go” etc…

    I notice there isn’t a “store” softkey option, at least that I can find, that would be good for when you want to save the changes you’ve made to your current scene before moving on to the next one.

    I’d be happy to contribute to this. I think most things have been covered in threads at some point so the actual content is mostly there.


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    The soft keys do not work properly when you want to go forward and back with “go”. Allen Heath thinks the way it works is just dandy. It is not usable in scene recall intensive situations. I have written about the issues so i do not care to repeat them here again.


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