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    1) I have a drum kit that is sending really hot levels board, so much so that I have to almost turn the gain completely down. I am using a pad to help with the ‘problem’. Can setting the gain so low will decrease the quality of the sound going to the mains (noise)?
    2) I have one of our more experienced techs wanting to avoid using a pad as he says the sound of the drums is not as good as when is a pad is used.
    3) Whether or not the pad is used, clipping is happening. The above mentioned tech said that a momentary clip for an instrument is of no concern.
    I can and probably will turn down the levels on the drum kit. That is not as easy as it sounds with a Pearl drum brain. Too many options for a non-drummer tech.

    We are using a Pearl drum brain
    GLD 112
    K array speaker system

    Curious as to your thoughts.

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    This is fine, just pad it. Low gain / padding is a good thing, because whatever noise is already present in the output of the drums will be turned down / padded by this same amount, using any gain would just increase that noise along with the signal.

    Here’s an example, works just the same with any two gains stages.

    Clipping doesn’t really matter if it isn’t audible, but it’s worth making sure it really isn’t audible on a record feed for exmaple, where someone might be using headphones and have a drier mix. The red light isn’t the problem, the audible distortion is. Also keep in mind that the GLD clip indicator lights 3dB before anything actually clips, so you may not be hearing it because it isn’t happening.

    If it’s getting within 3dB of clipping with the pad engaged then it’ll be clipping by at least 17dB without the pad, I’d struggle to believe that this isn’t audible. Regarding the quality difference, do an analog Y slpit into two inputs, pad one and apply -20dB digital trim to the other and see if he can tell you which is which.


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    1. Noise will not be a problem
    2. I don’t think so
    3. so turn the output volume of the device down until UR good

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    The pads won’t add noise or change the audio quality. You can also try an external in-line pad if the signal is still too hot, or changing the drum mics to something that isn’t as hot.

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