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    Not sure if they have this or if someone already suggessted it but, HPF or cross-over on Main EQ, as well as Aux/Mixes

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    hi and low pass would be good in the PEQ section, instead of Low and High band

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    Just looking at a setup for A gig on Thursday and thinking… If I could allocate Mix9/10 to be A Sub output for L&R that would be really useful. Then found that the sub with built in crossovers is available… Phew 😉

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    @ steffenromeiss
    Yes High and Low pass filters in the PEQ of the outputs would be great!

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    I’d like to have HI and LO band EQs switchable not only to bell/shelf filters, but HI or LO pass filters as well, as it’s possible with the iLive.


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    Hi and Low Band switchable to Hi pass and Low Pass PLEASE!!!! It is about time they introduce this feature!

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    Mike C

    High pass filters on the outputs would be great. As for a full crossover function I prefer
    to keep that duty dedicated to a system DSP, crossover or in a DSP power amp.

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    yes please add high/low filters!! i was very suprised to buy qu 16 and not see this feature 🙁
    everything else is spot on, however…
    and please add hypabass to qu16 as well. i bought this unit to get rid of all outboard equiptment and have a compact 19″ board to gig with.
    i would be even willing to pay for add ons if need be… hint hint…


    Please add HPF and LPF to the mixes…

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    There is still some room for improvement within the PEQ section

    Hi and Low Band switchable to High and Low Pass mode
    and the possibility to configure how the switching to the shelfing mode is done…
    Maybe a Notch filter in the mid bands is a good idea as well

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    no answer so far?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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