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    No problem. Just confused me 🙂

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    So this place has been the wrong place to expect any answers from A&H all the time. Shouldn’t that be stated somewhere?

    Anyway, I think A&H is having a serious problem with its customer communication concerning possible feature upgrades, at least of the Qu-16.
    I’ve been a life time Behringer hater. But they are really doing a good job communicating what they’re planning to do in the next months (even at forums like gearslutz). For example, they say they’re working on a card for direct USB recording to hard disk.

    The Qu-16 is not ready to compete with the X32. A lot of people (like me) would prefer to buy a A&H unit but are disappointed with the missing communication from A&H concerning the future of this unit. It is disgusting because we would have liked to keep being fans.

    Considering the competition, A&H should do more to encourage customers to trust them. A&H could do achieve that being more open in terms of what features they are taking into account for future firmware upgrades. (instead of a sales guy posting here to keep the tone encouraging).

    I placed a pre sales ticket with my questions, but I don’t expect anything else than “no plans as of today”. I think it’s not difficult to understand why this policy would push customers to buy from other companies that do say what they can expect to be implemented in future firmware upgrades.

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    You forgot to prefix a few of your sentences with “I think”, or “It is my opinion that”

    Sorry, just a pet hate of mine when people present their opinions as fact, especially when people do it deliberately to add weight to their opinion.

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    If I AM the ‘sales guy’ you refer to then so be it. I just think too much is being made of all this. Between you and Strat you both seem to be on a mission. Sure we would all love to know the future but after much consideration I see the slippery slope in making promises on a whim without testing. I have beta tested for companies before. I know somewhat about what that process is like. It is not as easy as you would think.

    I think it comes down to a simple fact. You keep throwing Bellringer in our face as the benchmark for excellence in communication. I hate to say it but if that is what you want then go that direction. I have friends who sell those. They tell me flat out, ‘yeah it sounds good but really is a toy’. That from a major East Coast dealer. He also sells Yamaha and A&H and Midas.

    So make your choices and quit complaining.

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    I’ve been a life time Behringer hater. But they are really doing a good job communicating what they’re planning to do in the next months

    Is publishing pictures & spec for a desk, then it just completely vanishing without a trace, doing a good job?

    Probably not a good idea to discus that here though.

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    No doubt a lot of us would prefer to have more promises from A&H, particularly if they are delivered and are exactly what we want. It seems they have made a business decision not to, which does give them the advantage of not failing to deliver on promises made on a public forum by Mr. Jones from Support who has no idea what R&D is working on.

    I do think there is more middle ground than A&H realizes; engaging the forum more to discuss how features might be used or to poll users for forced ranking of features proposed, or even just saying “good idea, we hear you, not sure if it is possible” might help. But it does risk becoming a full time job just to keep up.

    Meanwhile, let’s agree that A&H is probably quite aware that channel naming on the console is something that a lot of users regard highly, and let this poor horse lie unbeaten for a bit while we await 1.3 firmware. 😉

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    GCumbee, I meant the A&H sales guy that was posting here. I can’t find any complaints in my post, other than maybe “Shouldn’t that be stated somewhere?” As for beta testing, I was one too. You should try to stick to what was written. I didn’t throw any bellringers on any faces.

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    Can I also add that the absence of a requested feature in a feature release does not mean it won’t be in future feature releases. There’s already a lot in the pipeline even before considering the requests from users.

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    Official statement from an A&H “product manager” as answer to a pre-sales ticket:

    “Right now the big request is USB windows support.
    There are no sub-groups in QU-16.
    Channel names inside the QU-16 is not high priority

    If you cannot work with the great QU-16 feature set as it is at the moment then I suggest you choose something else.”

    Whatever that means.

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    GuitarHero: “Whatever that means.”

    It means buy enough “Rig for the Gig”. It means, in general terms, buy the desk that has ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED, and some that are above your needs, and DO NOT get the desk that doesn’t meet your requirements, hoping they will somehow magically appear in the future.

    While many users are strained financially to afford the $2k or so for the QU, others find great value in this unit, properly assess the feature set and add to inventory with confidence. For many users on this forum, $2k is pocket change. Find the right tool for your own needs, whether or not it is the QU.

    -Tim T

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    Hmm, it seems to get quite heated on here sometimes, which is a shame.

    It seems logical to buy the desk that already meets your needs, rather than hope it will sometime in the future.

    I left a&h a year ago after 7 years of using their products, and regretted it. Now I’m back with a qu16 and I’m really happy with it.

    I’m sure if the users here keep requesting features that are possible, they will eventually appear.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Detonator and MartinW i absolutely agree and support your answers! I think it’s a shame to dislike A&H because they haven’t implemented features which they NEVER promised! If you think there are other mixers out there who have more and better features than the qu-16 for less money… go and get them and leave this forum for users-experience and sometimes a feature request but set priorities!

    For me, i’m using A&H Mixers since my whole life as a sound engineer (well i’m only 26years young) however, never had bad experience with the brand and never had another sound engineer at a desk of A&H who told me that he doesn’t like it! I thought i buy the Qu-16 for smaller jobs where my GLD-80 is too big. Compatible with dSnake and the AR-Racks the Qu-16 is a really powerfull mixer and if i have a gig where i don’t need more than 16Mono Channels and 3Stereo Channels i definitely bring my Qu-16 instead of the GLD-80 with me!

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    For got to say – I’d like to add my vote for channel naming on the QU16

    I’ve just bought an ME1 and realise that channel naming would be really useful on that for groups.

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