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    I have Local Inputs from 1 to 6 for microphones and some instruments, and I have ST1 and ST2 for two keyboards.
    Please tell me how to setup Output for these inputs to be able to record them in Multitrack and also to be able to hear them when I want to playback recorder multitrack.

    PS: I have tried connections from Keith video from youtube for SQDrive, but I could not hear anything.

    Thank you!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Vali,

    You have mentioned multitrack, but not whether you are using an external recorder, SQ-Drive or USB-B, so presuming you are using just the SQ:

    SQ-Drive and USB-B use the same patching, you just need to switch between the modes depending on which you’re using.

    So to record you need to patch outputs from the SQ to USB output sockets in the I/O screen, this can either be the options in the ‘Outputs’ section, or you can use Tie Lines (which patch an input socket directly to an output socket without any processing).
    You may find the following article useful to see the available SQ outputs (

    Playback is the other way, so you need to patch USB input sockets to SQ input channels, this can either be to the same channels (e.g. for virtual soundcheck application) or using other channels (to monitor whilst overdubbing in a DAW perhaps). USB input sockets are just another possible source for any SQ input, in the same way as physical local inputs or remote SLink inputs.

    The main thing to think about is the two directions, USB output sockets go to SQ-Drive or USB-B for recording, Input processing channels can be sourced from USB inputs for playback.

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to get in contact using 🙂


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    Alex A&H

    Hi Vali,

    I would recommend using Tie Lines to route the audio out of the SQ, as these are a post preamp signal. Go to IO and select Tie Lines > Local on the left and Local on the top. You can then patch you local input sockets directly to your local output sockets.

    For playback, you could connect the outputs of your recorder to new input channels, or replace the microphone and instrument inputs to playback on the original channels.


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    Thank you very much Alex & Keith !
    Yes Keith, I forgot. I use an USB HDD of 1TB.
    I also forgot to say that my channels (inputs) are patched to Output USB, as long as I see those led lightning on Multitracking screen.
    The only way I did not accomplished was patching the USB to outputs, but tomorrow I will try what you described here.

    Thanks again!

    BTW: Some practical video examples, like this one, where I want to record for example a guitar and a microphone separately, it could be very useful to all users. Starting from scratch, because I think presentation videos from Youtube are made to generally, and implies that users are already accommodate with digital mixers 🙂

    Best regards,

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    Nothing worked, I tried everything.
    In some situations my line in were deactivated from inputs, so, I think is too difficult to me to understand, as long as no practical demo video or images are made. Only with theory, I cannot figure out!


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