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    hi. I’m having a recurring issue where the touch screen on our new SQ7 (about a month old) suddenly becomes unresponsive and won’t react to any touch/screen selection. the board maintains functionality with regards to sound, faders, and all soft keys. the screen will change and reflect the soft key selections (processing, metering, etc), but I can’t access any of the screen operations. there’s no rhyme or reason as to when it happens and nothing has changed recently (card install, etc). the board has the latest firmware and a Dante card (all was working well for several weeks). we’re in a stable environment (not super cold/hot/humid/dry) and other folks tried to get the screen to respond so I know it’s not just that I’m non capacitive, lol. the first couple of times it happened, a restart would fix the issue, but yesterday not even a restart would solve it. luckily we had a router on hand and were able to connect an iPad, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to mix the service (couldn’t turn on phantom power; drag inputs to the surface, etc).

    any ideas?



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    Andre S

    Hi grayday,

    there was a bug in an older firmware, that when you record over USB AND had the RTA active the screen could freeze but everything else still worked fine.
    Also people mentioned here having an older router with too much data traffic did freeze the board.
    So check the folling:
    Did you record to USB when the board froze? If yes, try if your mixer is stable without recording.
    Was the RTA running? Switch it of and check, try if your mixer is stable.
    Do you have a decent router? Try an other (maybe newer & faster) one.
    How many Pads/Phones where connected? The maximum is 3 MixPad apps and 5SQ4You apps, IIRC.

    If nothing solves your problem sent the showfile with a good description to Alex (the support guy) is usually very quick in responding.

    Hope it helps a bit.

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    hi Andre. thanks so much for the response and suggestions. unfortunately, none of those things you listed were in play when it happened. no recording was happening, no rta, not even (yet) connected to the router. and, it actually never “froze” it just refused to respond to touch.

    trouble is, I can’t even access the showfiles since it won’t respond to any screen touches *sigh*. but I’ll reach out to Alex.



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    We just began experiencing the same issue.

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello @jerhunt,

    Please submit a ticket at our support centre and we will be happy to assist you.


    Thank you,

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    I have started experiencing this same issue. Although it should be pointed out that it happens immediately on boot up NOT during a show. A single reboot usually frees it up however there have been a couple times that multiple reboots have been required.

    Was there ever a resolution to this issue for anyone on the string??

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    KeithJ A&H


    Please update to the latest firmware – there was a bug which could cause the screen to be occasionally unresponsive on boot which was fixed in V1.5.9


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