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    Hi folks, I’m just back from setting up an SQ5/Qu24 system for FOH/monitors for my local high school auditorium (yes I know – lucky school!) and it is all working great using tielines to send the Qu input sockets directly to the SQ5.

    I would also like to set up a ‘shout’ system between the two desks so the pupils doing FOH and monitor mixing can communicate privately in their normal headphones plugged into the desks plus the talkback mic inputs on the Qu and SQ.

    I’ve got a feeling there’s a clever way to set this up using SLink tielines and ‘Ext to PAFL’ on the SQ but I’m still learning the SQ so I’m not quite seeing it.

    I’m also keen to engineer a way for a third person to be included (me riding shotgun for big shows)

    @keith this might be a good topic for an #SQ&A explainer.

    Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.

    (BTW they already have a Tecpro intercom but the A1 FOH and monitor folk wouldn’t normally be on that as they are busy mixing)


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    I think you should be able to as you say set up a tie line between the two using the slink ports and send the talkback mic down it and then select that input on the setup>audio>pafl and select s link in ext to pafl and the input you have patched that to on the mixer.

    Edit: this would be for 2 sq systems not sure if it would be similar for sq and a qu

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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