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    If a channel source is Blue (USB) the gain ranges from -24/+24.
    If a channel source is Yello (dSnake) the range is 5dB to 60dB.
    If it is Red (local) it ranges from -5dB to 60dB.

    Here’s the rundown of the problem.

    Ableton Live is listening to channel 25 / 26 / 27. These are all wireless microphones for speaking. The level received by Ableton is inadequate, landing around -48 to -36dB. I prefer to see the meter hit somewhere between -12dB and -6dB.

    Our main (L/R) mix has been the source for the USB audio, which is obviously limiting since we can’t boost the fader without affecting the house. So, I patched the USB audio to MIX3 for 25 / 26 / 27. Now I can use the fader on MIX3 to send a hotter signal to Ableton.

    I’m still not getting the levels I need.

    Is there someone out there who has a base-line for setting up the right levels to get Ableton to record at the right levels?

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    Hi arretx,

    For the ranges :
    – in “blue mode” you are in digital world and you set a “trim” not really a “gain” because you don’t adjust a preamp level.
    – dSnake : gain range is different because stagebox have the PAD fonction included in their preamps.
    – local : mixer haven’t PAD fonction and the setting must to be able to control MIC and line inputs.

    QU Meter Calibration :0dB meter = -18dBFS (+4dBu at XLR out).
    If you PFL your channel at 0 dB on meter, you’ll have -18 dB FS at the USB output and finally in our DAW.
    If you need more level on daw inputs, you can also use the direct output trim fonction (see page 38 Qu mixer user guide) to get it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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