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    Hi all,

    i could not resist to add my 2 cents on this topic. First of all i think the tone of the postings needs to be kept friendly and encouraging. We did not install the community and platform for us to then ignore the postings, but now is a very active and busy time and with all efforts going into releasing new features, sometimes the communication lacks behind, but there is never any bad intention. I know first hand that patience is not a gift that most of us, me included, are blessed with, but from what i know, all your input is highly valuable and always considered for integration.

    However we want to do smart decisions and many times this means weighing the benefits against the downside and giving a few users something they want, might create a mountain of support cases for all the other users. QU is still a very young platform and is being continuously updated and upgraded with more and more features to come, so there will be more opportunities to feedback input and requests to Allen & Heath and the door is always open. For now enjoy how cool and powerful QU-16 already is and in the future enjoy how much more you will be getting for paying nothing extra. I dare to call that a smart investment.

    Cheers all and happy wednesday, Alex

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    hi Alex,

    I’m sure the decisions concerning your last firmware update were made at least a couple of weeks ago. We were asking here for example for channel naming the last weeks. Why don’t just state that this feature is planned for the next firmware upgrade as soon as this is decided? Or at least as soon as it is more or less implemented? I can’t imagine that less than 50% of the new features in your last firmware upgrade weren’t almost ready or decided to be implemented a couple of weeks ago.

    I think everybody understands that a serious company has to make smart decisions. That’s not the point. The problem here is just how A&H has decided to communicate such decisions: through stating that a new firmware has been released. In the mean time: nothing.

    Your argument that we should enjoy how cool the Qu-16 is… sorry. I can’t say nothing about that keeping my post encouraging, as you request. Some of us are evaluating this unit as well as your support because in the case of a digital unit with an unfinished firmware (like the Qu-16) you have to trust the company you buy from that they will finish the software to render the product to something you would like to buy. Please don’t twist this to stating that we get ‘even more’ without paying extra. The situation is: can we trust that you will *complete* the work and buy the unit *before* that?

    Sorry if I’m not being encouraging as you request. I think your argumentation is the one of a sales person. That might not be encouraging but it’s sincere. I prefer the last.

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    Well, let’s be fair. The QU-16 is finished as soon as it provides all the features listed in the sales pitch. A&H has shown that they have released bug fixes when needed, and they have released featured that were promised.

    I think we who are here in order to figure out whether to buy this unit or not will have to reside to what we know. To what the unit delivers now. If you want you can also weigh in the promises from A&H of it being “future proof”, but I don’t think it is fair of us to demand more than what’s in the specification. We can’t really complain about features not promised being absent.

    However, there are cheaper units out there as well as more expensive ones. If A&H wants to let us glimpse what is behind the curtain in order to make the scale tip over to their favour is totally their decision. We can get angry about that, but there is no need to post that anger here because that will only make A&H spend resources here instead of where _we_ really want them to be spent (on groups, naming, M$ compatibility etc). 🙂

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    Are user permissions working yet?

    As for the rest: you are right, there is no need to get angry. I didn’t. If A&H is asking for suggestions, then one would be greater feedback to this forum.
    Of course they don’t have to. It’s their decision. I finally got my return ticket for the Qu-16, I’m sending it back today. I will wait as much as I can before I buy my new mixer so I don’t have to be waiting for any responses from any vendor but can decide on what is working at the point of my decision. No early adopter here anymore.

    Nevertheless… it is frustrating to not get any response from A&H in this forum, other than “new firmware was released”.

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    Boys and Girls – from the Home Page of this “Digital Community” –

    “A social network for USERS to share experiences, exchange ideas, read up and learn.” USERS.

    I don’t own a QU (or GLD), but I see that probably 90% of the posts are about the QU, and many are thoughtless, inane and would be solved if the poster would RTFM. No, there are no subgroups, there are no electronic scribble strips, there is no sophisticated scene management, no sidechaining, no “extra channels” by using a stagebox, no pads on the channels, no 6-channel PEQ on any outputs, and these features ARE NOT universally found on “most other mixers”.

    The QU-16 is a tool, it has specific features and capabilities. Suggestions for new features are encouraged, but I have yet to see any single feature that is the “Holy Grail” that the poster always seems to demand… for those of you who proudly (an repeatedly) declare they are in a “trial basis” situation, good luck – the amount of logical investigation (or lack of) you put into the QU will be no different than that which you will put into the competition.

    I’ve been quite pleased with my A&H digital mixers (T112/idr48, R72/idr32) and have seen an amazing amount of refinements and new features and functions every single year. FOR FREE. A&H listens, and if they don’t respond on this forum to every concern of every forum member, perhaps it’s a message to show some patience and do some homework.

    end of rant

    Tim Tyler
    Detonator Sound
    Richmond, Va

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    Dear All,
    i like the passion and i read your replies with great interest and i and we do not get offended by critic at all, but just want to learn and grow and move forward. If anyone here finds that we are twisting the truth, making false statements, or going in any way unethical about how we promote the products, i strongly advice to not buy any of our products unless we can proof your opinion wrong. I totally agree that after sales service is a major component of a purchase decisions and with my own experience in the past 25 years i am quite proud to vouch for this side of the Allen & Heath business. Same as for us, you have to be wise in your purchase decisions and comparing and evaluating is a good thing. Just keep it fair and factual and try not to make statements based on assumptions or hearsay please. Cheers, Alex
    p.s. if you need a answer or response to something specific, then the support center is open 24/7. And you normally also get very good support from our local distributors crew.

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    We’ll said Tim. I have finally realized I was in the wrong realizing that many companies don’t telegraph their intentions. As a dealer I should have known better since many of my other products are the same. Lots of rumors but nothing official till it happens. I think the site just opened the door to fuel a lot of impatience, interest and excitement. I got caught up in that too. I will try harder to hold back on my thoughts and try hard to keep it positive. I encourage others to do the same. If I slip someone can cyber slap me :).

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    Personally, I am trying to keep my feedback and requests for information friendly and respectful. I work for a company that uses a similar online feedback system, so I know it can be hard to manage.

    I am not asking for promises to deliver a feature. I am not asking for delivery schedules. What bothered me was that most posts seemed to be going totally unanswered (at least in public) by A&H. In my company, I make it a point not to do that, particularly if a number of people are requesting a feature. I’ll at least acknowledge that it is under consideration.

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    Exactly THAT is the point.

    I guess this hasn’t been understood, judging by some posts. Instead we should just enjoy. And wait for the next firmware to see if something was taken into consideration. If not… well, continue enjoying and waiting. Who knows? Maybe somebody is thinking about something somewhere.
    And: stop making statements based on assumptions or hearsay please. And be fair. That’s the most important part here. It’s not about feedback to customers, that doesn’t need to be addressed. Just you be fair, please.

    Yes, I guess my expectations were wrong from the beginning. Let’s do something more useful than posting here.

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    Now, now, GuitarHero. I think I am detecting more posts from A&H, as well as more diversity of A&H people posting. As long as we are keeping our expectations realistic and respectful, I’m sure A&H will be doing the same and will be participating more.

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