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    On the last gig the headphone PFL wouldn’t work. Could hear L&R on main outs but when press PFL to listen to a solo channel nothing. I looked into the menu’s to see if it was switched off or something but doesn’t appear that you can do that anyway. The only thing I did at one gig was set up the Alt out as a PFL out so I could link an active monitor to it with a delay on it as I was about 40M from stage. Just to save me from putting cans on and off all the time. But the headphones were still working as well.
    Then the next gig I’m getting nothing out of the headphones when I PFL. Anyone with a similar experience or shed any light on what I might have done. Or maybe it’s as simple as it’s gone faulty?

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    I forgot to mention the desk is the QU24

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    I presume you had the headphone output turned up…

    Don’t think you can allocate the phones to anything other than PAFL can you?

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    Yea thats why I could hear L&R. Volume pot works ok.
    I don’t think you can either (allocate or not have them routed) which is why I’m thinking maybe there is a fault. The desk is about a month to 2 month’s old and done about 6 corporate jobs around London. Been great up to this PFL problem

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    – Input AFL set to ON and faders down?
    – PAFL Trim set to -24dB?
    I doubt something is really broken if there is still regular sound on the phones (LR), everything else is controlled by software.

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    Dick Rees

    Does the phenomenon still occur if you “reset mix settings” and start a new scene? I agree that it’s a set-up thing. Too easy to miss an option you’ve ticked or to not tick the option you need.

    If all else fails, do a hard reset…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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