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    Hi there
    I’m considering either the QU-16 or the Behringer X32 Compact.
    The Qu-Pad iOS app has been reviewed once by Jimmy Drummer on 17th Nov 2013 (rated three stars) with the following gripes:-

    Lack of being able to label channels.
    Only being able to use 1 iPad at a time. (Not great for aux monitor mixes by individual band members)

    Also can anyone confirm if this app can be used with an iPhone as opposed to just an iPad?

    Can anyone confirm if these issues have been addressed yet?

    Issues like this put me off buying a QU-16 and I’m sure if they havn’t already been sorted that they wouldnt take long to develop into the app.

    Many thanks.

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    You can label names on the QU Pad app now.
    It currently only allows one iPad connection at a time.
    No iPhone app yet.

    From a customer perspective, the software seems to be in constant development and works well. The omitted features you’re after may well come to the app at some point. You can download the app and try it, there’s a demo mode on it.

    I think there are other issues that are more pertinent in the QU’s favour; sound quality, reliability, usability to name but a few.
    All the X32 folks have been waiting (a month and counting AFAIK) for a new iPad app to work with their 2.0 firmware update.
    So far the iPad software and mixer firmware have been released hand in hand by A&H. The QU pad app can only improve.

    I’m maybe a little biased having used a ton of cheap Behringer gear over the years. Warranty or not, I wouldn’t be confident dropping 1000’s on a Behringer desk no matter how good it appears.

    Check this out:

    Fast forward two, three, five or even ten years. How reliable might a brilliant but “cheap” mixer be then?

    My QU24 is built like a tank, just like all the other A&H desks I’ve had over the years. I never had a jot of trouble with any of them. A&H resale value has always been good too, if that’s important to you.
    You maybe know all this already, sorry for digressing!

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    I appreciate your thoughts and I come from a totally unbiased side.
    Both of these units seem really great and it will be a hard choice for sure.
    I totally hear what your saying about Behringer (although I only own a few pieces of equipment by them and haven’t been let down by them personally although I know people who have), but I feel with the MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK acquisition they are comparable with NEW Skoda (since being taken over by VW) rather than what they used to be known for “Cheap and unreliable”……For this type of kit anyway.
    Both these units seem to be in my price and technical range as opposed to Yamaha which is completely unreachable for me I’m afraid.
    Again, thanks for your thoughts.

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    Lol. I think this is more like old Skoda taking over VW!
    I’ll hazard a guess that Midas desks weren’t hammered out in China? There is so much choice out there and that makes it more difficult deciding what to buy. No matter what you buy I wish you good luck with it:)

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    The pre amps in the X32 are Behringer’s own, not Midas. They have been saved for the new Midas M32, basically an X32 with better pres and new coat and probably one or two better features and more expensive.


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