Has anyone had SQ4You impact audio?

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    Hi all,

    First time using the SQ4You app last weekend and we had an issue. Part way through, everyone’s in ears got quite loud and it started distorting. The mix included tracks plus the live singers and instruments.

    I highly doubt it was due to using the app (don’t see how it could be) but I thought it’d be worth asking just to be sure.

    The person on the desk is fairly new but she didn’t change anything. I’ll be on it next week so keen to know of any experiences.


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @Matt_L

    SQ4You is remote control for a single mix on the console, so it is possible that channels on the SQ itself could have been turned up.
    This would be easiest to check on the console by just jumping through the mixes and seeing if any particular input (or mix master) has been turned up – or if processing has been applied e.g. turning up all bands on a GEQ.

    The fact that you say ‘everyone’s in ears’ though would point toward something else, unless everyone is on the same mix?
    Or if people had control over the wrong mixes – meaning they might be trying to turn up their own mix, but were all turning up other people’s!

    If you check all this and don’t spot anything though, please contact us with more details on the setup and a zipped copy of the show folder using https://support.allen-heath.com


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    Thanks Keith. Will experiment this Sunday and see what is happening. We have 7 returns going to ears, one to a fold back. Only some of those were using the app and I can’t guarantee it wasn’t user error, but don’t think it was!

    . I’m assuming it is you that has done the YouTube videos? Quite helpful too!

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