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    Hi guys.
    I have a situation in a large job looming where I want to monitor the monitor engineers QU32 using the QuPad App.
    I am about 75 meters from stage running FOH and just want keep an eye on monitors.
    I have a new guy running monitors.
    Rather than purchase another Router I thought ahh why not plug direct into the iPad with a long cat5?
    Anyone tried this?
    I don’t have an Ethernet adapter for an iPad so Its not on the do try list at this moment.

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    just to remind this thread: Wired Or Wireless?

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    Great thread.
    I had forgotten about that thread and I even copied it all to a word doc for future reference. And here I am in that Future!~ Thankyou.
    I will go get a Mac USB to Ethernet adapter now. $50 here.

    A curve ball..
    Because I’ll be running 2 desks at Monitor position side of stage [QU32 & QU16 joined outputs]
    Can you think of any way to connect the 2 Ethernet’s hard wired into just the 1 iPad?
    And then select on the 1 iPad [at FOH] either of the 2 monitor desks?
    Could a router do that?

    So is anyone actually doing hard wired into an iPad?

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    Not tried a hardwired iPad yet, but I don’t see a problem why multiple Qu shouldn’t exist on the same LAN. Just ensure each has its unique IP address.
    …and don’t forget that without DHCP each device, including the iPad(s), need to be manually configured.
    For example use for first Qu, for second Qu … and for first iPad, for second iPad… Subnet mask and maybe for the router address (which is totally irrelevant in this constellation).

    Interconnection is normally done using a switch. You may also use a router with embedded switch (multiple LAN ports), and if that router also has a WLAN access point, you don’t need a cable connection for your iPad.
    Don’t forget that with hardwired Ethernet you no longer can charge your iPad and the Ethernet adapter will need additional power.

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    Thanks for your help.
    I tried every combination known to me.
    I do know that the iPad sees the Qu as the Qu-16 comes up on the iPad app. [just teasting this on a Qu-16 1stly]
    I tried both with DHCP on/off.
    Manually trying ip addresses
    I did try using a hub and I noticed the hub can see the QU and also Ipad. [as per indicator lights]
    When I plugged in the crossover adapter the Hub could no longer see the iPad.
    So I pretty much tried all ways.

    But it does all works on my iPads’ through the Airport Extreme wireless effortlessly.
    And I have 2 iPad pros and Airport Extreme Routers so tried both.

    My original post was about connecting an iPad to a remote Monitor desk through cat 5 run to the stage so I can monitor the monitor desk settings.


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    Don’t forget that with hardwired Ethernet you no longer can charge your iPad and the Ethernet adapter will need additional power.

    you can charge as you go through the camera kit adapter. as per pic attached.
    Im probably just going to have to buy another Airport Router.
    That will be 3 or maybe 4 Routers I’m going to have to run.
    There must be a way of connecting an iPad to QU wired?
    Thanks anyhow.


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    So could you post IP settings (Address, Mask Router) of all your componentes (Qus and iPads)? This just has to work, the router does not add any kind of required functionality except “ensuring” IP configuration is correct on all components through DHCP.
    Not sure why you could need that many routers for your setup. If you want to remote monitor the monitor mixer from FOH using a LAN cable and already do have one router installed at FOH, most simple solution probably would be to plug that LAN cable just into the FOH router.
    You may attach a second router into the same LAN on Stage to increase the overall coverage, but that’s it (and no need to run the iPad from cable).

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    Just run a second wifi down there’s?

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    For the record this works!
    QU => [DHCP]into LAN port Rear of Airport Extreme. LAN port => Ethernet adapter on iPad => USB adapter to lightning adapter into iPad. ANd you can combine this with a second wifi logged into iPad. BUT NOT 3 iPads 😐

    However I found by just connecting 3 QUs using [DHCP] into 3 LAN ports on AirPort Extreme I can easily log on off between all 3 QU mixers very fast!
    Just name the QU mixers so you can recognize which QU mixer to select..

    Thanks Andreas for information and getting me started to learn Net Working basics.

    And yes @bob I will be running 2 Routers.
    1 at Monitor desk and 1 at FOH


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    Glad you got this up and running.

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