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    Hello, I just got a GX4816 for my sound system. I used to have a AR2412 with an expander. When I switched out my AR for my GX I used the same CAT5e cable in my conduit running to the back of my SQ 6. When I tried to plug it in, the light for the link was not on or blinking and it was not working. I updated my SQ to the latest software (1.5.7) and it still did not work. Then I ran a very long CAT6 cable to the back of the SQ and the GX and it worked. On the Allen and Heath website it says that the CAT5e cable is compatible and should work. Does anyone know why the CAT5e cable does not work?


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    Søren Steinmetz

    My first thought would be, that the Cat5E is not working properly on all 8 wires, as the AR2412 only runs 100Mbit and only use 4 of the wires for that.

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    CAT5e is not CAT5e, to complete the confusion 😉

    The standards changed over time, an older CAT5e cable could be incompatible with the GBit standard.
    Or what Soren said.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    Cat5 is not “approved” for higher than 100mbit, Cat5E is.
    (at least according to the IEEE standards) 😉

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    It’s very common for a wire to work at lower transmission rates, but begin to fail/drop data as the data gets faster and busier. As Steffen and Soren have said, it might be because the cable is damaged or it might be because the cable isn’t rated for the higher transmission specs needed.

    For example, I just tried to use a cat5e wire as the connectors between 2 HDMI converters. It didn’t work well at 150′ even though the cable works in a normal network configuration just fine. It simply couldn’t handle the higher data rates that the converters use however. Swapped it to a Cat6 cable and everything looks great.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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