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    I don’t necessarily think it is a necessity, but I would prioritize it pretty high, particularly given the utility of it in the iPad app and the fact that it seems like every competitor out there has it. This seems like it would be a fairly trivial thing to implement in the software. (He says, knowing full well that he often experiences the ‘How hard could it be?’ discussion with his own managers in software)

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    Sitting in the same boat here… weird that that the possibilty of just put up the faders of the mixes in LR mode doesn’t send mix -> master… for me that would be the logical wau instead oiof a using thoose as level faders for the extetnal mix outputs…

    Let’s hope fore a update… the empty effect rack workarround could be a solution. But how hard can it be, the mixbuses can’t be hardwired since the efx -> mix as send option for efx3 and 4 is there or?

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    I’d like groups or DCA, too. Custom layer becomes much more useful.

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    Is there any way this could be done using the existing mute groups, but applying a fader to them? I realize it would have to be assigned in the Custom Layer only without some label finagling, but…

    Would this idea maybe get us close to what we want?

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    Seems like the only logical method is to have routing from stereo mixes into the LR out. Say a routing screen that gives choices on the LR out to accept the Main LR and a combination of the stereo mix busses. Just don’t know if the DSP or hardware can add that.

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    I guess in my head, the mute groups are sort of like that already, though. The mute button for that group is like a binary fader, sort of.

    The drawback is that mute groups mute all outputs, though.

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    Yeah, groups would be great, I’d certainly use them for drums.

    Not a deal breaker for me though. I’ve just changed from a presonus 16.4.2 to to qu-16.
    Missing groups a bit but I find the qu much easier to understand.

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    Yes, the absence of at least one of Groups / Maxtrix / DCA is a serious mistake.
    For now I’m pulling out of signal from a stereo mix and coming back in the line-in, but I would much rather be a software feature, as other digital mixers do.

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    Thanks fro the great reading from far away down under in NZ, I Like all of these ideas, however just to keep things simple in a world full of complexities when the heat is on and your mixing live…
    I have always (back in the old analogue days) used groups with EQs & compressors for instruments and then vocals rather than just the FOH main output.
    I was thinking maybe just maybe get a 1U rack mount summing mixer and use all of the outputs as groups? OR another QU16 and bring some outputs back into ST1 and 2 input and of course that way you get more inputs?
    Yes… wish list! groups! seems so easy when you look at the routing page.
    The Mix Wizards had left & right as groups with mono out and also sub/woofer out.

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