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    A most of my show setups I use groups to do some buscompression or eq’ing. So most of the time the setup I would prefer is like this:

    1x main out
    1x matrix out
    5x stereo aux
    5x subgroup (drums/Bass, gits, keys, hornsection, vocals)

    This gives too much fysical outputs (24) but there are still mixbusses left.
    Can this be changed so that a groupbus doesnt need to have an physical out ?


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    This would be very helpfull indeed

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    It’s not the physical output that uses up the processing, it’s the mix.

    You can take one aux send and route it to all 24+ outputs in a GLD system and it will work.

    There was a discussion on the old forum about the difference between the two and how the system counts mixes, a search may find it.


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    As chris93 said, it’s not to do with the physical outputs/routing, it’s to do with the DSP: the processing on those groups still takes DSP power, regardless of whether you route them to a physical output or not.

    Any bus that is only a sum and doesn’t have processing (peq, comp etc), eg an fx send, counts toward the 30 bus limit, but not the 20 mix output limit. Any bus which sums AND has processing, eg an aux/group/main/mtx, counts toward the 30 bus limit AND the 20 mix out limit.

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    I do this now. I have 6 subgroups that feed the main bus to allow submixing of different instrument / vocal types into mains. None of the subgroups are assigned to a physical socket, they are assigned only to the main bus.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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