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    I have an SQ-7 for our FOH and an SQ-6 that I use for broadcast mix (sent as Ip direct outs through Dante). I am using a drum group to compress the drums as a group. On my SQ-6, the group doesn’t really adjust the overall volume/output of the drums. I can mute the group and I still get drums, just without the extra compression. On the SQ-7, I have it set up the same way but when I mute the group, I get no sound from the drums. I am 100% positive that it is a Group NOT a DCA.

    Is there any setting that would make these two mixers act differently? Anything I can check?


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    I would guess that you forgot to remove the drum channels from the main LR routing on your SQ6.

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    They are assigned to the group and the LR on both mixers. I want it to act like a buss, not a DCA as far as the overall volume level. I am just not sure why they are different. But I will experiment with unassigning and reassigning. Thanks for the reply!!

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    I attached some screenshots of what your routing could potentially look like. Notice in the routing tab on the big full-screen picture that (for example) the kick channel has the LR Box not filled in, see how it’s just the outline? That means that channel is NOT getting sent to the mains, but notice that little dot on #12 on the mix sends just below it? That means I am sending it to mix 12 which in my case is Group 1, probably different for you. But if you want your channels to behave as they do on YOUR SQ6, leave those drum channels sent to the mains (I don’t recommend doing that, but I am not you). But if you want it to behave like your SQ7. Make sure all your drums channels are NOT getting sent to the LR mains, only the group is for the drums. But DO make sure you are still sending your drums to that group which sounds like you are. A fast way to toggle a channel to Main LR is to simply unassign those channels from the Main LR by holding the assign key on the left of the mixer and tapping the select button of the desired channels. Make you have the Main LR bus selected when doing this.

    Let me know if that makes sense! It’s 2:30am when writting, haha.

    -Nudgy (Adam)

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    Thanks Adam! I realized what was making it seem like it was acting like a DCA. I was adding way too much output gain on my compressor of that drum group and so it was sort of acting like a DCA because it was indeed adding volume to the group. Now, I have it corrected and it is just adding more presence to the drums like it is supposed to. Rookie mistake!


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    KeithJ A&H


    On a related note, as it sounds like you are using a parallel compression technique for your drums, there are two ways to achieve this on an SQ:

    Using two mixes – Send drum input channels to the LR, but also send them to a group where you add compression/processing, then blend the group back into the LR mix – use this if you want to ride the compressed group during mixing.

    Inline – Send drum input channels to a group, then unassign them from the LR mix so you can treat them as one mono/stereo channel, then switch on the ‘Parallel Path’ in the compressor and blend the dry unprocessed and wet compressed signals – use this if you don’t need to change the blend often as it’s usually much easier to work with a single channel (e.g. a single channel to mute, route, mix).


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    Hmmm. Has anyone digitally split two SQs using Dante? I would think you could have both on the same network, one SQ as a Dante Transmitter and the other as a Dante Receiver. I saw the online video where they linked two SQs using local inputs and the Slink port, but not sure that work with my application.

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    this is not the question in this thread
    we discussed this already in some other threads

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