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    D Edwards

    Hi, I’m hoping someone might be able to help me. I’m trying to group four mic channels together on the QU SB. I then want to process them – I.e. Compress and enable the 31 band EQ.

    Firstly, I think I worked out how to assign the channels: Select either group 1-2,3-4,5-6 or 7-8 on the far right, click on the arrow under ‘name’, then under assign select ‘all off’, then select ‘on’ on the channels I want to group…(hope that’s right?)
    Then click on the master fader of the group, and then I can begin processing.

    If that’s right, I understand so far, but why doesn’t the volume of the group change with the master volume of the group?
    Also, how come I can assign the same channels to another group? I thought they’d only be assignable to one group.

    What I’m wanting to do is actually none of this, and I’m disappointed that you can’t just insert a 31 band eq on a channel, like you can on the Behringer Xair app.

    I have zero idea what I’m doing with a DCAs, and I mean zero.

    What’s the best way to group some channels, control the group volume and process them? For example, a drum kit. I want to be able to control the whole kit if I need to.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my ignorance. :-/

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    Dick Rees

    No, you simply select the group you wish to use and the individual channels are then in “sends on faders” mode. You then raise the faders of the channels you wish to use to establish the 4 mic mix you were trying to establish. The actions you were performing were under the “send the group to” feature for routing the group output.

    The GEQ is always assigned and ready for the group. You simply bring it up by selecting from the menu in the upper left corner of the screen where it’s located with the other processing: comp, gate, PEQ.

    Forget about assigning for now and study “sends on faders”. That’s how you “assign” things…by raising a fader and putting the desired channels into the group or mix you wish to create. It’s all already set up for you. SENDS ON FADERS. Forget Xair…

    DCA’s simply control the level of assigned channels as a “group”…not a GROUP. No audio is contained in the DCA. It is only a feature for controlling the level of one or more channels assigned to it. In this case you actually “assign” channels. The individual channel levels relative to each other are taken from (or “mirror”) the levels of the channels set in the Main L/R mix…but you can raise/lower them all with a single fader on one or more of the custom layers. Again, DCA’s are strictly for simultaneous control of one or more selected channels. No processing is possible since it’s a control function with no actual audio content.

    You need to look carefully at the manual and forget other apps/brands. Qu is much more practical and simple. RTFM.

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    Dick Rees

    FORGET FIRST POST. ( please )

    You have to read the manual, section 9.1.1 on page 41. It’s all there. Forget other apps and brands. Learn how “sends on faders” lets you create the group mix you want to process.

    1. Select Group.

    2. Assign your channels.

    3. Build your group mix using the channel faders.

    4. Process your group by accessing the comp/gate/PEQ/GEQ/ducker menu located upper left of app screen.

    5. Assign Group control fader to one or more custom layers as desired.

    Good luck. It’s simpler than you think…

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    Dick Rees

    OK, third time’s a charm…

    The manual references the Qu units with physical controls. SB is app only, so go to the “Help” feature as instructed on p. 27 of the manual for SB specific functioning.

    Again, GOOD LUCK.

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    You probably still have the 4 channels involved assigned directly to the mains. Take them out of the mains by clicking the green “on” button above the fader(s) and in return assign the group they are going to to the mains.

    On the DCA’s: they simply permit you to change volume of several faders at once. You’re free to determine which ones. For instance: I have all the volumes for the wedges on one DCA to permit me to lower all wedges at once between songs. I have all the fx for the vox on another DCA to pull them back together between songs.

    DCA’s and GROUPS are not thát different; DCA’s only control volume while groups can also be manipulated by gates, compressors, eq’s and inserted fx’s.

    For instance the drumgroup you mentioned: if you assign all your drummics to one group you can add an overall compressor and some overall eq-ing to that group ánd control the overall drumkit volume by raising and lowering that groups volumefader

    Hope that helps, so good luck ! (don’t worry, it’ll all come to you very shortly. Just spend a few evenings experimenting with a multitrackrecording as a stand-in band)


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    Your channels were still assigned to the main left right mix, so turning down or muting the group won’t prevent those channels from reaching the PA. Also, the groups themselves may or may not be assigned to the left right by default, you’d want to assign them if not.


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    I have had a few phone calls from people wanting to know how to assign to sub groups.
    Possibly the most fundamental things to learn via the “assign” Pre Fade and Pre Sel buttons on the left side of the mixer.
    There needs to be a Training video or a block diagram just on this subject!
    To be able to un-select from L/R and then select to a group is very basic but seems to be confusing?

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