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    I just encountered what seems to be a bug. I intend to submit a ticket but thought I would also post here.

    I am running V1.4 everywhere.

    I want to insert a compressor at FOH mix position to use as a ducker. I have a AR84 at FOH as the local expander. I have the AR2412 on the stage.

    On the GLD80
    I configured a stereo group
    I set an insert on it from the local expander (AR84)
    Output to the first (leftmost) pair on the ar84 – ch17/18
    Input from the last pair (rightmost) ch39/40

    I do an Apply and it sets to inputs & outputs on the Dsnake AR2412
    It will not let me configure a group insert from either the surface or the local expander.

    This is a major problem for me given there is no built in ducker. This is a show stopper for me on one of my most high profile gigs each year.

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    Very strange, I can’t think of any reason it would be technologically more difficult to have the inserts come from the expander than from the 2412. I know the I/O naming/numbering was changed a bit in 1.4 so maybe that broke it.

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but if you have enough I/O left on stage you could run a multicore back to FOH. You shouldn’t have to though. If this isn’t fixed before the gig and you end up needing to leave the compressor on stage you can effectively control it’s threshold by adjusting the volume of the signal being sent to the sidechain.


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    I have confirmed that I can insert inputs & outputs from the AR2412.
    I cannot from the surface I/o or a local AR84. I have not tested an AR84 as an expander on the AR2412 but I expect it to work given that trying output 17/18 gets set to 15/16 when you apply it.
    I guess if I had another 100 cat5 cable I could wire it that way.

    I did open a ticket on this.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Rob,

    I confirm there is a UI bug but your inserts should work anyway. When you press Apply, the correct routing assignment is made, but the User Interface displays other, unrelated sockets. If you spin again to the correct sockets, you will see the actual assignments displayed below the selection boxes. Another clue that the assignment is in place is the I/O screen.

    I have now logged this in our bug tracking system.


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    Hi Rob,
    I tested it and it works fine. The patch works as shown in the ‘connector window’ Its a graphical but not a functional bug.

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    Hi rob,
    I read your actual comment in I’m console user as you are and trying to help. Despite the obvious image bug in the insert patch screen showing nonsense patches that happens after successfull patching to I/O, the I/O screen shows the correct patch. This works fine on my console and also on the one of a friend of mine for the task of an externally inserted and side chained analogue group compressor ( dbx 1066 ) as substitute for the missing internal side chain option.
    The patch works and is shown in the I/O screen for primary unnassigned XLRs as well as for sockets formerly patched to other tasks. The patch is tested and works for the local XLRs as well as for a local AR84.
    Can you please give a very detailed description of what you are doing to understand what’s going wrong ?

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    I am seeing what I think is a group insert bug as well. I have been setting up a multiband comp on our drum group and occasionally it just disappears. That is the effects slot magically resets to the efx short bus rather than being the insert that I set it to be. This seems to really present itself after a console boot.

    Has anyone else seen this?


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    This ‘problem’ is solved by V 1.41

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