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    I have a question regarding using a Group as a sub mix and how FX are affected when you mute the group.

    Example: Drum set with 7 mics. Kick on 1 channel assigned to LR and the other 6 mics assigned to a group which is assigned to LR. Say I add reverb through FX2 in various amounts to the different channels (set as returns to LR), and then use the mute button on the group master strip, will the 6 channels still be sending signals to FX2 and returning the reverb to the house? If the drummer bumps his snare while someone is speaking, and even though the group is muted, will the bump’s reverb still come through the house (or LR recording)? Would it be better to use a DCA on the 6 mics so muting it will mute the mics, thus blocking signal to the FX? I want there to be just 2 faders on the custom layer for the drums, 1 for the kick and 1 for the rest of the drums, with the ability to mute at those fader strips.

    Hope you understand what I’m getting at. Thanks.

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    Yes, FX on the channel will still be supplied.

    Is there milage in routing the FX return through the group?

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    As above. If it’s the channels feeding FX2, they’ll still feed it when the group is muted, because the channels themselves remain un-muted. You can either run the returns into the group (and un-assign them from LR) so although the drum channels still feed the FX engine, the returns get muted when you mute the group, so you don’t hear the returns in LR, or you can forego the group completely and just use a DCA for those 6 drum mics. You could also explore the option of using FX2 inserted across the group, but you lose some control of how much verb is added to each drum: it’ll be proportional to how much each drum is up in the group.

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    FX returned to the group would work.

    I often set up a DCA for “All FX” to cover talking between songs.

    For this though, I’d go with your DCA idea, which should give you what you want. Probably I’d also put all 7 drum mics & their FX through a group because of the extra processing options that groups give you. For example, delaying the whole kit to time align it to the speaker positions can give tremendous results in some venues.

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    A mute group might be a good solution, too. You could mute individual channels, one or more groups and FX with the press of a single button…

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    Thank you all for your input. I think you’ve given me a path forward.

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