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    Hi all: as the title reads I am going to switch!
    I currently have a couple of (very good) analog synths and an analog drum machine hooked to a mixer that’s definitely not as good as the sources I feed it in and I want to improve the audio quality of my setup, wich is used both in the studio and in live performances: I also use an old presonus firebox hooked to my mac to sample what’s coming from the sub outs of the mixer (using logic) and to playback from the mac as well (performing with Ableton live).

    I guess that switching to a digital mixer like the QU16 would improve the overall audio quality both because of the better converters and preamps and also because of removing the presonus inbetweener.

    Also, for me the mixer is part of the musical setup as my track are all live-performance oriented: ableton live just acts as a midi sequencer and plays some samples but most of the sounds are played live so the recallable scenes are definitely handy for me and would be essential part of track creation.

    Am I right on this path? actual choice now falls on the QU16, even if the SQ5 would be more appealing, mostly for the 96Khz and the actual sidechaining option which on the SQ appears to be limited to ducking. On the other hand the SQ would force me to build a patch bay since most of my inputs are mono jacks and the SQ only has XLR and this would be an extra cost on top of the already higher price tag.

    thanks in advance for any advice!

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