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    Hi Everyone- new here so thank you in advance for your help.

    I have a GLD-80 that has a fader ‘trembling’ issue: every time I swap layers, recall a scene, or do anything requiring fader movement, the faders tremble and take quite a bit of time returning to the correct position. Additionally, I see the gain moving up/down in tiny increments constantly in the channel strip display. This happens across all of the faders/channel strips – or seemingly all. The faders come to rest eventually, but the small gain movement in the channel strip continues – even if I manually move a fader up or down to set a new value.

    Things I have tried:
    Updated firmware (now on 1.61)
    Recalibrated faders
    Factory reset

    Anyone have any ideas or seen this before? If all else fails I can attempt to RMA to the American distributor, but it will be tough for us to be without a board for whatever length of time that takes.

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    The only time that I’ve seen this is when a an app is connected to the mixer at the same time, and was causing a conflict for some reason. If you have networked remote control in-use try removing it and seeing if it still does it. If that’s not the case, you likely have a faulty fader.

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    Joe Hinkens

    I have this exact same issue as the OP and have conducted the following:
    Updated Firmware to 1.61
    Recalibrated faders
    Spray electrical contact cleaner in the faders
    Conducted a hard factory reset

    Any ideas or recommendations?

    I should note that this mixer is extremely clean and was used on a limited basis since new, but hasn’t been turned on for a couple of years.


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    Joe Hinkens

    I also replaced the 2032 battery which was completely flat and still no joy. Faders continue to jitter or chatter and the channel strip values continue to fluctuate erratically by 0.1db or 0.2db.

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    unico mix.ts

    The same symptoms are occurring on one of my GLD80s.
    All the faders are moving up and down slightly.
    It vibrates especially violently when the fader is ganged or when the DCA gain is fixed at 0db.
    I tried cleaning the internal USB wiring contacts, but it didn’t improve.
    There was a post with similar symptoms in the GLD user group on Facebook.
    Among the replies, someone said that replacing the capacitor would fix the problem.

    You can repair the fader board. Replace capacitor, value 1mf/50v and 10mf/16v. Replace all capacitor (SMD) on the fader board.

    Has anyone tried this?

    Kind regards

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    I replaced a lot of faders on my GLDs and I think this is the only option without replacing the fader board. So I don’t think is a capacitor issue.

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