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    Hey guys, I am at a loss, never done something like this before and not a whole lot of documentation with Waves and GLD.

    GLD112 at FOH with Dante card 64×64
    Waves Axis Computer and Server at FOH
    HearTechnologies WSG Bridge for Dante Network
    Logic Pro Setup with DVS for broadcast audio

    Do you have to route insert sends (for waves) and direct outputs (for Logic Pro broadcast mix) separately? I was thinking I could use the IO Port out for both, but when I patch the sends, it changes the routing from “Dir Out #” to “Ip Ins #”. Can you use inserts as outputs for a broadcast mix since its post preamp? Is that a good/bad idea?

    Thanks for any help.

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    You can use the same “outputs” from the Dante I/O card to feed both the WSG bridge and computer with DVS installed or you can use separate inputs and outputs. There are pros and cons to each method.

    To send audio to the recorder, you probably want to use the “direct outputs” of each input and set the global “pick” point to something early in the audio chain so that gates, eq, compression, etc of each input doesn’t affect the recording. This is especially important if you want to use the recordings for virtual sound check later. You want a “clean” recording without any console processing so that you can dial in the correct amount of console processing.

    If you use these same “direct outputs” to also send audio to your WSG bridge, this audio will also be “clean”. Again, no gates, eq, compression, etc will be on the audio coming from the board. Depending on where you “insert” that audio back into the console, you might miss the opportunity to have the board accomplish these tasks and you’ll be forced to use the Waves processing for even these basic tasks. That’s a potential negavtive to sharing outputs for both Waves and recording.

    Alternatively, you might want to set the Waves system to use the “insert” system of the console. So if you want to use plugins on vocal 1, you would use the “send” of the insert to out out the Dante I/O card (some number above the max direct outputs being used) and then use the insert’s input to bring the altered audio back into the channel. Doing it this way is going to use more Dante Outputs from the console’s I/O card to effectively accomplish the same thing. The advantage to this method is that the insert output/input point is the same, so you can utilize console processing to reduce the amount of plugins you have to use with Waves. The downside is again the fact that it takes more Dante I/O. Depending on your situation, it’s quite possible that you would run out of available Dante outputs if you are doubling up everything (one output to record, one output to Waves).

    Hopefully that helps!

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    Hey Brian, thanks for the reply. I’ve been doing some playing around and I think I’ve got something figured it out.

    From what I understand and doing some research, the insert send point is post-preamp, effectively the same as the input direct output with the post preamp global pick point that I was using. So, I am patching the insert send of each channel to the IO Port outs to Dante and from there I’m subscribing in Dante to broadcast audio, multitracking, and the WSG bridge for Waves processing. The returns are using the IO port ins on the GLD. Everything seems to be working correctly. Does that make sense? Am I on the right track?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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