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    I asked for these long ago but will ask again as a refresher.

    Either more colors for name/color or can white and black be changed to something else?

    Contrast please on the strip LCD screens. Have to prop up console to read it.

    Allow IEM to be renamed when using as control room out since it does not have an ALT out like QU. Or could the headphone circuit have pre amplifier routing to an output socket?

    Allow the C in LCR config to be a separate mix

    All for now. Will add others as they come to mind. Others are welcomed to add

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    How about adjustable filters on the Dessers. maybe even option for shelving or notching. They feel a little too narrow for me.

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    I took the advice of another poster and added the number 1 soft key to go to the mix LR/M buss. That way in a panic they can always press that to see the house mix.

    Since I try to keep the main inputs on the A layers on Bank 1 and 2, masters on 3 I would like to have a menu choice for the soft key to go to layer A on all banks.

    Again. As a panic button. One mode for a soft key. LR/M + Layer A All.

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    Yes, that would be nice for a scene recall too so that the board went to a known state. Or even all three. i.e. assign a soft key that recalls a scene, sets the mix to LR AND sets both banks to A layer. A similar result could be acheived if a scene could set mix and layers.

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    I like this concept. My 2 cents would be to add multiple functions to each softkey. This way, the user can decide how many and which functions should be triggered simultaneously.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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