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    To keep it short… i’m building a rental company with a friend. The work is going well!

    We decided to upgrade our old Soundcraft Si board and found a used GLD80 + AR2412 + AR 84 setup for some great money!

    I already used the board and i love it.

    I was planning on getting another SQ5 for smaller gigs where compactness is very important and i would like to buy at least an 8 channel expander with it so i can run a 24 channel show with an expander and a multicore.

    I would however like our setups to be compatibile. I know i can take the old GLD 2412 stagebox and connect it to the SQ5 and it will work well except for reducing the sample rate to 48khz on the SQ.

    So the logical choce would be… get another AR84 for the SQ… This way i would be able to run a 24 channel show on 48khz with the SQ5 + the AER84.
    I would also be able to use the GLD setup with the main AR2412+AR84 in the rack + the other AR84 as an 8-channel snake on the other part of the stage.

    And i think that with 2 dante cards, one in each mixer, i could connect all of this together and run one mixer for monitors and the other one for FOH.

    The question is… is there any way that i could buy a DX168 which would allow me to run the SQ5 at 96khz when using it alone… and somehow also be able to use the DX168 stagebox with the GLD board?

    Is the DX168 compatibile with GLD in any way and could it be used with the AR2412 somehow… or i have to stick to a 48khz system if i want to mix the GLD and the SQ5 with the same stagebox setups?

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    I would recommend looking at an AB168. It would be a great expander for the AR2412 for both the GLD, and the SQ, giving you up to 40 channels on stage. It can also be used as a stand-alone 16×8 box with either unit, and Qu mixers if you happen to pick some of those up too.

    You could connect a DX168 directly to the SQ, then send the audio from that out via tie lines to Dante, where it can be picked up on the GLD. The SQ Dante card would need to be configured at 48K to work with GLD.

    The SQ will always still work at 96K internally even when connected to 48K stageboxes. The audio is SRC’d at the SLink card whenever AR/AB boxes are attached. We have DX168s, AB168s, and AR2412s, and have used all of these with SQ. While the DX boxes sound great, the AB/AR boxes also sound really good too, and we regularly use 48K Dante for multi-track recording, which also sounds really good.

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