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    It would be great if you could port the GLD FX’s: Dynamic EQ and Multiband Compressor to the QU series.

    Thanks for considering

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    In my opinion the dynamic effects section has not to be implemented in the Qu range – the Qu is a simple straight forward product for simple jobs. If you need something like dynamic effects go to the GLD range.
    But, since there is always a but in life – a Deesser is a basic feature we are really missing in the Qu consoles 🙂

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    Price-wise, it’s a pretty big jump from a Qu to a GLD. If they could add the ability to send and receive on the same channel like some other mixers, we could use external plugins. That way, we could choose the effect that is right for that channel at that particular time. Waves MultiRack Native works great with other mixers in this price range.

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    I think we are back to basics of ‘get what you pay for’. A&H is trying to maintain the integrity of individual price point consoles with different features. Sure there are others in between that may have things we wish we had but it is all in your choice of what brand and model you want. If the QU had everything the GLD has then why buy a GLD? Sure I would like to have seen a few things added but the QU is an incredible bargin. If gives that level of user everything they need to produce great audio.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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